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Facility Vacancy Announcement Information

Facility Number: 469

Region: 5

Committee District: 9

Type and Location: Palm Beach County Courthouse Snack Bar

Reported Annual Sales: $167,720.57 (December, 2019 – November, 2020)
** Note that snack bar was closed from April through November; Vending Only Sales average $5,899 during this period.

Recommended Staffing: Operator plus 2 or 3 part-time employees

Operational Hours: 7 AM – 3 PM, Monday - Friday

Services & Products: Breakfast sandwiches, coffee, snack shop fare, lunch, grab and go, fountain drinks, vending fare

Vending Machines: 15

Accessibility: Entire location is ADA compliant

Special Information or Requirements: Background checks will be needed for 12 hour access.  Rent is payable monthly when the snack bar is open (rent was $1,605.45/month in 2021, but is revised annually).

Business Enterprise Consultant: Rafaella Diershaw
Email: Rafaella.Diershaw@dbs.fldoe.org
Telephone: (954) 746-1770

Committee District Representative: Joel Rose
Email: rosessnack@gmail.com
Telephone: (954) 475-0211

Availability Projection: Exact date to be determined by the Regional Consultant in collaboration with the incoming and outgoing vendors.

Absolute Deadline: All applications for any or all of the posted business opportunities must be received by the Bureau of Business Enterprise in Tallahassee no later January 31, 2021, without exception.  A post mark is not considered as the receipt date. You will be notified by email once your application is received. 

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