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Division Policy 2.06


Homemaker Outcomes


May 1, 2014




 This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed.


Provide guidance relative to the use of Homemaker status. Specifically, the Homemaker goal will provide direction for staff as they assist clients with developing or refining the skills necessary for the individual to maintain a home. 


FS 413; Rehabilitation Act of 1973, As Amended


A homemaker is an individual who has received substantial rehabilitation services resulting in the ability to perform tasks required to maintain the home.  The performance of homemaking activities should result in enabling other family members to engage in employment outside the home, advance home care and/or home schooling of children and/or allow a family to dispense of the need for housekeeping services.   


It is the policy of the Florida Division of Blind services to provide rehabilitation services for eligible individuals who can benefit in terms of homemaking activities.  

The Homemaker goal must be consistent with assisting the DBS client with developing independence and management skills that allows another household member to go to work, or to allow for the home education and/or home care of children, or to provide an outlet for an individual whose doctor has indicated that he/she cannot return to competitive employment when they have the aptitude to care for themselves and stay in their home.  Additionally, the Homemaker goal may be explored for cases where training has been provided to a client; however, a competitive outcome is no longer deemed a viable option.

All homemaker outcomes in the VR Program must meet the following criteria and will not be considered a successful rehabilitation to meet program goals for competitive employment: 

  1. Homemaker must be the vocational goal on the individual’s IPE; and 
  2. Substantial vocational rehabilitation services must be planned for and provided in order to obtain a successful homemaker outcome.

Signed by Robert L. Doyle, III, Director, on May 1, 2014