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Minutes State Committee of Vendors Meeting

Altamonte Springs, Florida: February 7 - 8, 2003

The State Committee of Vendors' Vice-Chairperson, Mr. James Lover called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm Friday, February 7, 2003: 

Roll Call

  • District 2: Ms. Debby Malmberg
  • District 3: Mr. Ray Renderman
  • District 4: Absent
  • District 5: Mr. John Klindworth
  • District 6: Mr. Dan Angelicola
  • District 7: Mr. Jim Gaudette
  • District 8: Mr. Paul Prescott
  • District 9: Ms. Gyorke Alger
  • District 10: Mr. Bob Gagne
  • District 11: Mr. Don Weitzel
  • District 12: Mr. Joel Rose
  • District 13: Absent
  • Chairperson: Absent

SLA Staff

  • Mr. Michael Elliott
  • Ms. Kathy Murphey
  • Mr. Lawrence Batterton
  • Mr. Lee Nerenberg


  • Ms. Marilyn Kalivoda
  • Mr. John Kalivoda
  • Ms. Madeline Weitzel
  • Mr. William Zampini
  • Mr. Fred Hayes
  • Ms. Mary Hayes
  • Mr. David Kaplan

Michael Elliott reported on the changes in the structure of the Division of Blind services. The Bureau of Business Enterprises was changed to be a Program under the Bureau Chief Client Services and Program Services. The Division of Blind Services is looking at becoming a Commission in the Department of Education. A discussion followed centered on:

  • How being a Program, instead of a Bureau, would affect the Business Enterprise Managers. Little if any direct effect to the Business Enterprise Managers would occur.
  • The Division of Blind Services becoming a Commission was an idea that was being looked at with no dissension being made at this time.

An Overview of the Sunshine and Public Records Laws was presented by Patricia R. Gleason via telephone conference. A discussion followed centering on the following topics:

  • The number of Committee members being present to be covered under the Sunshine Law (two or more). The law is applicable to any gathering, whether formal or casual, of two or more members of the same board or commission to discuss some matter on which foreseeable action will be taken by the public board or commission.
  • A meeting of staff and committee members.
  • The kind of notice of the meeting that is required.
  • The publication of an agenda.

Ms. Kathy Murphey presented a Financial overview with a discussion following as to current projects, anticipated projects, and facilities operated by FIRE.

It was announced that we currently have six students in the training program in Daytona Beach. Mr. Lawrence Batterton reported that a Vending Repair Training Seminar is planed to start in March (information to be sent out as plans come together) to be conducted by Crane National.

Meeting was adjourned until 8:30am Saturday, February 8th.

8:30am Saturday, February 8, 2003 meeting was called to order by the Vice-Chairperson.

Selection Panel needs permanent member. Discussion followed:

Ms. Gyorke Alger made a motion "Motion made to confirm John Klindtworth for a 3 year term (from 12/31/02) to serve as a permanent member of the Selection Panel". Seconded by Don Weitzel. Discussion. Call for Question.

  • District 2 - yes
  • District 3 - yes
  • District 4 - absent
  • District 5 - yes
  • District 6 - yes
  • District 7 - yes
  • District 8 - yes
  • District 9 - yes
  • District 10 - yes
  • District 11 - yes
  • District 12 - yes
  • District 13 - yes
  • Vice-chairman - yes

Motion passed.

A need for a Pool of Selection Alternates for the Selection Panel is needed. District Representatives are asked to go back to their districts and to solicit names then E-mail them to Mr.Tom Spiliotis. A Rule change will be needed to set this pool up. Mr. Gene Newcomb is working on this. Mr. Michael Elliott brought up that he was looking into streamlining the Selection Process so that less time would be required of everyone.

Don Tuell has resigned this seat on the "Committee" Effective December 1, 2002. Don (Seminar Chairperson) has also been working on the Seminar and has informed Tom Spiliotis that he is unable to continue and hopes that a replacement can be found.

Mr. Jim Gaudette expressed interest and was appointed Seminar Chairperson. Ms. Gyorke Alger volunteered to assist Jim.

Ms. Gyorke Alger made a motion that "District Elections for 2003 to the "Committee" be held before the Seminar". Seconded by Ms. Debby Malmberg. Discussion followed. Call for Question.

  • District 2 - yes
  • District 3 - yes
  • District 4 - absent
  • District 5 - yes
  • District 6 - yes
  • District 7 - yes
  • District 8 - yes
  • District 9 - yes
  • District 10 - no
  • District 11 - no
  • District 12 - yes
  • District 13 - absent

Motion Passed

Floor was opened for a discussion on establishing levels of qualifications required by each facility in our program relative to the experience required to be successful in the operation of the facility. After a lengthy discussion the Vice-Chairperson Set up a Sub-Committee made up of Mr. Jim Lover, Mr. Tom Spiliotis, Mr. Lee Nernenberg, and Mr. Gene Newcomb to evaluate establish various levels.

Ms. Gyorke Alger reported that Mr. David Newton inquired as to the willingness of the Committee to help with Family Achievement Event to be held at the St. Augustine School for the Blind. The Vice-Chairperson requested that Ms. Alger get back with Mr. David Newton and see what his needs will be.

Round Table

  • District 2 - Eglin (facility 505) is tightening Security.
  • District 3 - nothing to report
  • District 4 - absent
  • District 5 - 2 Interstates closed by EPA
  • District 6 - several Interstates negotiating with Coke and Pepsi for exclusive rights
  • District 7 - nothing of significance to report
  • District 8 - nothing to report
  • District 9 - nothing new to report
  • District 10 - nothing to report
  • District 11 - nothing new to report
  • District 12 - nothing new to report
  • District 13 - absent
  • Mr. Michael Elliott - reported on his recent look at "Franchising" possibilities of putting franchises into the Capitol and TCC.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am on February 8, 2003.

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