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The Committee’s bylaws specify the standing subcommittees to represent vendor interests in important issues. There are six subcommittees.


Subcommittee Members: Ms. Shirley Smart, Mr. Sead Bekric, Mr. Randall Crosby and Mr. Troy Arthur.

The Grievance Subcommittee will inform licensees of procedures for submitting grievances and serve as advocates for such vendors in connection with such grievances.

Promotion and Transfer

Subcommittee Members: Ms. Lilian Pemberton, Mr. Darryl Brinton, and Mr. Mike Renaud.

The Promotion and Transfer Subcommittee will actively participate with the Division in the development and administration for a fair and unbiased system for the transfer and promotion of vendors.

Training, Retraining and Upward Mobility

Subcommittee Members: Ms. Terri Lindstrom, Mr. Woody Matthews, Ms. Wanda Feldsteen, Mr. Mike Renaud, Mr. Orlando Ramirez, and Mr. Jose Quintanilla.

The Training Subcommittee actively participates with the Division in the development of training and retraining programs for vendors; and sponsors, with the assistance of the Division, meetings and instructional conferences for vendors within the state.

Finance, Audit and Budgeting

Subcommittee Members: Mr. Kurt Ponchak, Ms. Mitzi Bowen, Mr. Jim Anderson, Ms. Debby Malmberg, Mr. Joel Rose, Ms. Terri Lindstrom, and Mr. David Stevens.

The Finance Subcommittee reviews and acts upon data pertaining to inventory, budgeting, and financial arrangements of the Program.

Public Relations

Subcommittee Members: Mr. Alton Palmore, Mr. Joel Rose, Mr. Sead Bekric, Mr. Ed Spence, Mr. Orlando Ramirez, Mr. Colton Knight, Mr. Woody Matthews, and Ms. Lilian Pemberton.

The Public Relations Subcommittees works closely with the Division in the area of marketing and site development of Business Enterprise opportunities.

Policy and Procedures

Subcommittee Members: Mrs. Mitzi Bowen, Mr. Mike McCrea, Mr. Sead Bekric, Mr. David Stevens, Ms. Terri Lindstrom, Mr. Randall Crosby, and Ms. Valerie James.

The Policy and Procedures Subcommittee works closely with the Division in the area of revising and updating the BBE Policy and Procedures Manual.

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