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Business Enterprise Policies and Procedures Manual

Section 1: Introduction

1.0  Introduction
1.1  Preface
1.2  Purpose
1.3  Program Eligibility
1.4  BBE Retention of Records

Section 2: BBE Application, Training and Licensure

2.0  BBE Application Process
2.1  Work Experience
2.2  Training Classes
2.3  On-The-Job Training
2.4  Licensure
2.5  Background Screening Requirements

Section 3: Selection Process

3.0  General Information
3.1  The Current Selection Process Protocol  
3.2  Other Selection Process Issues
3.3  Business Opportunities
3.4  Vendor Residence Vicinity Requirement
3.5  Outstanding Debt Prohibition
3.6  Selection Cycle Application Instructions

Section 4: Licensed Operator Facility Agreement

4.0  Licensed Operator Facility Agreements
4.1  LOFA Commitment Requirement
4.2  Assignment of Temporary LOFAs
4.3  Limits for Operators of Temporarily Closed Facilities
4.4  Facility Type and Profit Expectation
4.5  Working Capital and Inventory

Section 5: Licensed Vendor Responsibilities

5.0  Licensed Vendor Responsibilities
5.1  Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
5.2  Vending Machine Compliance
5.3  Tax Liability and Insurance
5.4  Equipment
5.5  Reimbursement Process
5.6  Monthly Business Reports and Set-Aside Levy
5.7  Approved Business Expenses
5.8  Repayment Plans
5.9  Leave of Absence

Section 6: Grievance Procedure

6.0  Grievance Board
6.1  Grievance for decisions not involving facility appointments (6A-18.0423)
6.2  Grievance for decisions involving facility appointments (6A-18.0425)                                                 

Section 7: Termination, Revocation, or Suspension

7.0  Termination of LOFA
7.1  Emergency Suspension of License
7.2  Revocation of License
7.3  Voluntary Resignation

Section 8: Committee of Vendors

8.0  Committee of Vendors
8.1  Committee Structure
8.2  Committee Elections
8.3  Committee By-Laws

Section 9: Client Services

The Division's Bureau of Client Services, through its Senior Rehabilitation Specialists, underwrites the expenses involved for a client to participate in the BBE.


Business Enterprise Forms, Applications, and Agreements.

Florida Bureau of Business Enterprise

Providing Tools and Support for Legally Blind Vendors in the Food Service Industry

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