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Summer Reading 2021: Tails and Tales
Reader Spotlights and Booklists by Age

Tails and tales banner. Sea turtles reading a book

We concluded another wonderful summer reading program at the library. I loved hearing how reading has continued to build on their future goals: we have a future Geologist or Archeologist among us! Another mom of a family of readers said: “They have been reading nonstop. Believe me this is the house that we have to say: "put that book away for a second and go eat something at least" lol.

Late Breaking Pictures

Some late breaking pictures from our summer reading participants! It's never too late to show how much reading has made an impact on your family life! Here, brothers Keith and Shawn enjoy activities--from backyard habitats and vegetarian cooking to making slime! Enjoy your school year everyone!

Shawn and Keith Vegitarian cooking.

Shawn and Keith making slime.


Keith backyard habitat.


Keith backyard feeder project.



Our spotlight reader was Luke, who can be seen in these photos playing with his dog with the rope toy he completed, and then with his brother, with the Blobfish Slime!

Luke and his dog.jpg

Luke and smiling Slimey


Luke and Slimey friend

2 Slimey stretched across kitchen


Honorable Mention

Our expansion into the adult program was successful as well. We listed a book one reader did not know existed, and they were able to continue with a series.

Book Review

We received a great review from another reader, on DB73300 & BR19434 Thunder Dog: the True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero. By Michael Hingson.

“This book was fascinating. I loved how his parents were in regards to his blindness. I thought it was interesting how his baby sitter was the one who noticed it with the sunlight hitting him and he not squinting or reacting. I love how his two favorite words are “why not”. Now for the parts of the story about 9/11. The way he described his feelings and this when he realized he was smelling airplanes fuel and how he was at first worried about the lights going out was very interesting. I love how his friend even in such an emergency still said the floor numbers. The way he described how first it was so cool then so hot and how he would check the doors to see if there was fire on that floor. Again I really appreciated this book and could go on and on about it….”

Maureen Dorosinski

Our program, as a whole, was successful. We exposed readers to books they did not know about before and everyone learned a lot. Altogether, 71 books were read and enjoyed.

The lists will be available in the Reading Room section of the website. Please do enjoy and send in any reviews of particularly good ones! We may post the best ones, and send you an incentive!

Remember, the bridge of summer reading helps keep the learning and engagement of the school year steady throughout the summer. We are always here to help in any way we can. Do contact your reader advisors or me for suggestions on what to read next!

Thank you!
Maureen, your librarian

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