Division Policy 2.20


Re-opening Successfully Closed Cases for Additional Placement Services and Post-Employment Policy


August 18, 2011


 August 18, 2012


This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed.


Provide guidance to staff regarding guidelines for reopening cases for additional placement services and establish criteria for the provision of post-employment services.


RSA PD 97 04 Rehabilitation Act 1973 as amended Section 103(a) (2) and 34 CFR 361


Re-opening Cases

The Division will consider re-opening a case for individuals whose current job is not consistent with the individual’s strengths, resources, priorities and/or capabilities.  Additionally, DBS will consider assisting previously placed clients who desire greater career opportunities.  Specifically, the Division will provide services designed to assist with upward mobility or career advancement, even if the applicant has previously been successfully placed by DBS and is still working. Clients served for this purpose will be served under a regular VR plan. Services may include Counseling and guidance, Vocational Evaluation, Training and Job Placement services, Eye Medical and Low Vision Equipment services, as well as other services deemed necessary by the client and counselor.

Post Employment Services

Post-employment services may be available to assist eligible individuals who have already become employed for the purpose of maintaining employment.  Post-employment services are intended to ensure that the employment outcome remains consistent with the client’s strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests and informed choice.  A client may be opened in post-employment status within one year of successful closure.  These services are available to meet rehabilitation needs that do not require a complex and comprehensive provision of services and, thus, should be limited in scope and duration. It is the policy of DBS that post-employment services will be no more than 4 months in duration. 

Post-employment services are to be provided under a Post-Employment Plan for employment; thus, a re-determination of eligibility is not required.  If it is determined more comprehensive services are necessary or if services are expected go beyond 4months a new rehabilitation should be opened.

Signed on 8/19/2011 by Joyce Hildreth, Director

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