Career, Technology, and Training Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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The Career, Technology, and Training Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a place where people who are blind can reside temporarily while they learn to lead productive, self-sufficient lives. The Career, Technology, and Training Center program incorporates instruction in a variety of independence skills, as well as case management, including home management, cooking, cleaning, personal care, labeling, orientation and mobility, Braille, access computer technology, adaptive equipment and devices, college prep, job readiness, home repairs, adaptation to blindness and many other skills that contribute to independence and the confidence to seek the highest level of employment possible.

Like all rehabilitation training provided to clients, the curriculum is intended to provide the skills to enable clients to remain independent in their homes, as well as to provide the confidence to seek their highest level of employment, regardless of the nature of the employment. Their ultimate employment goals are matched, as much as possible, to the clients own aspirations. Where possible, our curriculum and resources support the client's progression to independence and full participation in the community, including employment. There is no cost to the individual for training or room and board. However students are responsible for personal expenses.

Independent Living Skills Program


The core of the Career, Technology, and Training Center is to provide prevocational and adjustment services including: orientation and mobility, communications, home management, personal management, employability skills, Braille, access computer technology, adaptive equipment and devices. In addition, group discussions with case managers on issues related to training and adjustment to blindness is also available. Contact Warren Jackson for more information.

Access Computer Technology Training

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The Career, Technology, and Training Center offers computer training that focuses on software and hardware that can be useful in the home environment, in preparation for college or for competitive employment. Speech access and screen enlargement training as well as the use of specialized note-takers and other equipment and devices are also available. Contact Warren Jackson for more information.

Business Enterprise Program (BEP) Training

In cooperation with the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) and Daytona State College, this program trains individuals for management of food service facilities within the Business Enterprise Program of the Division of Blind Services. This federal program, authorized by the Randolph-Sheppard Act, requires trainees to be U.S. citizens and meet the legal definition of blindness. In addition, they must possess a high school diploma or GED, complete a Level 2 Criminal Background Screening, and demonstrate the ability to complete course work in the following areas: food preparation and sanitation, food and beverage cost control, business math, hospitality law, marketing, and small business management.

In order to apply for the training program, a DBS client must first be assessed of their skills in the areas of orientation and mobility, communications, access computer technology, personal management, and home management. A client must also complete a vocational evaluation to determine if the individual's skills and abilities are compatible with those necessary for success in the BEP program. The complete battery of assessments may take up to two weeks. 

Once all assessments have been completed, the DBS counselor recommends the client by submitting the client's completed application, with all required documentation, to the state office in Tallahassee. All applicants will be interviewed by a panel made up of BEP management staff and the State Committee of Vendors. Applicants will also participate in a ten-day work experience. Contact Mary Ellen Harding for application information.

The on campus portion of the training program lasts 18 weeks and is followed by up to 8-10 weeks On the Job Training (OJT) in an actual BEP facility. Satisfactory completion allows application for licensure and the opportunity to bid for a facility management position.

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