Division Policy 2.23




April 15, 2010


January 18, 2013


This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed.


Provide direction and guidance to the districts when utilizing interns.


The Division of Blind Services participates in non-paid internships/practicum. Interns must follow the procedures in place for ‘volunteers.’ The DBS office will contact the appropriate representative in the state office to set up the intern’s computer access with MIS.  The intern will be required to follow the background check and fingerprinting process and must follow all agency rules and regulations.   A copy of the intern’s academic requirements from the attending school must be submitted to DBS.  DBS staff will utilize the training outline attached to this policy.

DBS Intern Training Plan

The following sections are intended to provide some guidance in the training of a DBS intern.  Trainers are expected to use their judgment in determining the details of the training necessary for their own intern’s specific needs and/or previous experience. It is assumed that the purpose of the internship is to provide an exposure to the services that are provided by the Division of Blind Services as well as the population served by DBS. Please ensure that any topic, in which training is provided, is initialed and dated by both intern and trainer upon completion. 


Purpose: To familiarize the intern with the Division of Blind Services, the work environment and performance expectations.

Completion time: First Day

Items to be addressed:

Orientation will be provided by the District Administrator or Supervisor

Disability Etiquette

Purpose:  To provide the intern with the skills to interact with people who have blindness and/or other disabilities.

Completion time: First week

Material to be covered:

Training to be coordinated by District Administrator or Supervisor and will include qualified DBS or CRP staff.

Overview of DBS

Purpose: So the intern will understand the programs and services that DBS offers to participants.

Completion time:  Two weeks

Information to be covered:

Training will be provided by the District Administrator or Supervisor

Observation and Counseling

Purpose: The intern will learn and practice case management and counseling skills that are required of DBS counselors.  It is hoped that the intern will have the opportunity to spend time with counselors in each of the programs that DBS offers in order to get a more complete exposure to the various skills each program requires.

Completion time:  Ongoing, for the duration of the Internship Program

The intern will observe and practice the following skills:

Training to be coordinated by the Supervisor in conjunction with appropriate DBS staff who may be currently involved with the activities listed above.

Signed by Joyce Hildreth, DBS Director, on April 15, 2010.

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