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Division Policy 6.10


Assessing and Processing Employment Access Technology Evaluations


February 16, 2004


January 18, 2013


This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed.


To designate who will be used to assess and process employment access technology evaluations for DBS clients when applications involve connection to Information Technology (IT) systems, use non-standard and/or proprietary applications or advanced setups and/or scripting.


The DBS Rehabilitation Engineer assigns the Primary Access Technologist for each district.

It is the policy of the Division to use the Primary Access Technologist assigned to each district for assessing and processing employment access technology evaluations and implementations when the applications involve:

  • Connection to Information Technology (IT) systems
  • Use of non-standard and/or proprietary applications
  • (Standard applications are those purchased “off the shelf”)
  • Advanced setups and/or scripting

In cases where the Primary Access Technologist cannot process the request in a timely manner, a qualified local provider may be used with the recommendation of the Primary Access Technologist or approval from the DBS Rehabilitation Engineer.

A qualified local provider may be used for “Stand Alone” installations involving standard applications.

Any equipment recommended by a local technology provider must be reviewed by the DBS rehabilitation engineer.

Original signed by Joyce Hildreth, Director on October 14, 2009

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