Division Policy 6.13


Relocation Expenses


August 12, 2009


October 29, 2012


This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed.


Provide guidelines for the provision of relocation expenses.


34 CFR – 361.32



Relocation expenses refer to costs incurred when a client has to move due to the fact that they have secured employment outside their home area. These expenses may include deposit(s) for any of the following: apartments, including first and last month’s rent security deposits, utilities, phone connection, and the cost of a moving company or truck rental.

General Policy

Prior to providing financial assistance for relocation, the Division shall determine whether comparable services and benefits may be available under any other program and whether those services and benefits are available to the client. The Division will only sponsor relocation twice for a client within a 5 year period and verification of employment must be obtained from the employer on company letterhead, which includes their FIN # prior to sponsoring relocation services. Additionally, phone contact must be made by the appropriate Division staff to confirm that the letter was indeed submitted by the employer. The Division will make every effort to pay vendors directly for services. If this is not possible, a maintenance check can be issued to the client to cover relocation expenses, or if time does not allow obtaining a check in advance to reimburse the client. Only under very exceptional circumstances, the Division will agree to reimburse the client. The client will be responsible for providing receipts to DBS in a timely manner for all requested services and or written estimates from the vendors to their counselor.


  1. Deposits for apartments will require a copy of the leasing agreement or letter from the landlord on company letterhead that indicates the deposit amounts and first month’s rent.
  2. Deposits to secure service for utilities and/or phone will require copies of deposit information from vendor.
  3. Three written estimates from moving companies will be required if the client is in need of professional movers.
  4. Two vendor quotes for truck rental rates specifying rental dates, including all fees will be required (if truck rental is opted over movers)
  5. A thorough case note will be required in AWARE indicating exactly what services are being provided and which estimates/quotes were chosen and why.
  6. Copies of estimates, etc. will be placed in the appropriate client paper file attached to an authorization.
  7. The client’s IPE must be amended to include these services if they were not previously made part of a client’s IPE.

Signed by Joyce Hildreth, Director, Division of Blind Services, 10/29/2012

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