Division Policy 6.16


Transferring Cases Between Districts


August 12, 2009


January 18, 2013

Expiration Date

This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed.


To provide guidelines to District Office Staff with the process of transferring cases from district to district.


34 CFR 361.48 (g) (t)


Prior to the official transfer of a client file to another district, the District Administrator or Supervisor of the transferring and receiving Districts will staff the case via email or by phone. Both districts will mutually agree on the transfer, if for some reason they do not, the Bureau Chief must be contacted for final determination. Upon agreement, or final decision by Bureau Chief, the transfer procedures will be implemented supported by appropriate case file documentation in AWARE.

Procedures for transfer:

  1. Senior Rehabilitation Specialist prepares a Transfer Summary as a word document and copies it as a case note titled, ”Transfer Summary”, including the following information:
    1. Client name, phone number, address, and email address
    2. Eye condition, visual acuity, whether or not the client is legally blind
    3. Any other medical conditions and/or disabilities
    4. List income and source
    5. State whether the person has health insurance and type
    6. Education History
    7. Employment History
    8. Summary as to what has been going on with the case and reason the client is moving (for example, maintenance history)
    9. List of Technology purchased for the client
    10. If client is a college student list major, financial aid, and GPA
    11. State whether or not a Vocation Evaluation has been completed
  1. Senior Rehabilitation Specialist staffs the case with Supervisor or District Administrator
  1. Supervisor or District Administrator contacts the district office where the case is being transferred and staffs the case with the Supervisor or District Administrator of the receiving office
  1. Receiving Supervisor or District Administrator staffs the case with receiving Senior Rehabilitation Specialist
  1. Receiving Supervisor or District Administrator emails appropriate state office staff and copies the old Supervisor, old District Administration, old Senior Rehabilitation Specialist, new Supervisor, new District Administrator, and new Senior Rehabilitation Specialist; requesting the client to be transferred from the old district to the new district. The email needs to include the following:
    1. Participant ID
    2. District Office and Name of old Senior Rehabilitation Specialist
    3. District Office and Name of new Senior Rehabilitation Specialist
    4. An attachment of the Transfer Summary word document

*Note: State office staff member will not transfer the case unless the Transfer Summary is attached.

  1. State office staff member replies to all once the case has been transferred in AWARE
  1. District mails the case file to the attention the new Supervisor or District Administrator

*The paper file will be sent to the receiving districts District Administrator and will be marked confidential.*

Original signed by Joyce Hildreth, Division Director, on April 13, 2011.

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