Division Policy 6.17


Child Care Services


October 28, 2009


January 18, 2013


This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed.


To provide guidelines in assisting with child care needs that may impact the client’s training, job development, and placement activities.


34 CFR 361.48 (i)


The Division of Blind Services (DBS) can assist with child care needs during training as related to the planned vocational goal as well as during job development and placement activities if no other benefits are available.


  1. DBS must first determine if any other resources are available, such as Coordinated Child Care or county programs and document this in the client’s AWARE file.
  2. DBS will supplement the client’s share of cost when the client is eligible for some assistance through other resources and document the portion of care that is sponsored by an outside source and the amount that is sponsored by DBS in the client’s AWARE file.
  3. If the client is not eligible for any assistance, DBS must document such in the AWARE file before providing assistance.
  4. DBS will work with vendors to register in My Florida so that any necessary payments can be made directly to the child care provider.
  5. Only if the provider is unable or unwilling to register in My Florida and the AWARE file is documented will DBS provide payment in the form of a maintenance check.
  6. Child Care providers do not have to be licensed in every situation. (Under unique circumstances, exceptions may be approved by the Bureau Chief.)
  7. DBS will pay the standard rate for child care as indicated by the vendor.
  8. DBS can assist with child care only while the client is actively participating in training that is required under her or his plan of services with the agency, for job interviews, and for up to 90 days after employment, if necessary. Child care will only be covered based on the number of hours the client is enrolled in training and the time needed to get to and from the child care location.

Original signed by Joyce Hildreth, Director, on October 28, 2009

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