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Division Policy 6.18


Replacement of lost, stolen or damaged equipment


February 15, 2010


January 18, 2013


This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed


To provide guidelines regarding replacing client’s equipment that the agency previously purchased.


The Division of Blind Services will not replace lost, damaged or stolen equipment due to client neglect. It is the responsibility of the client to take all measures necessary to ensure equipment purchased for their rehabilitation is well maintained and secure. If equipment is damaged or stolen and the client feels that he/she is not at fault the client can request an exception for DBS to re-purchase. In case of theft, client will be required to provide the local District Administrator with a police report for review. Based on this report the DA can grant an exception to re-purchase the equipment.

A detailed case note will be required in the client’s electronic file with a hard copy of the police report placed in client’s paper file. In case of damage, client will need to provide to the DA a detailed document indicating how the equipment was damaged and what measures client plans to take in the future, to prevent future damage, should an exception be granted to re-purchase. If the DA grants the exception, a detailed case note is required to be in the client’s electronic file, along with client’s detailed document of request. If for any reason the DA is not in agreement to re-purchase, a detailed case note must be placed in the electronic file stating the reasons and documentation must also be provided that client was informed and that they can appeal the decision by contacting either the Bureau Chief and/or CAPS.

Original signed by Joyce Hildreth, Director, on 02/15/2010.

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