Quarterly Meeting Minutes (Thursday, July 29, 2010)

Ocala Hilton
3600 SW 36th Avenue
Ocala, FL


Ted Hull, Chair called the meeting to order at 8:35 AM.

Council Members Present:  Ted Hull, Robert Kelly, Jesus Garcia, Dwight Sayer, Sheryl Brown, Henry Alexander, Rufus Brown, Paul Edwards, Ben Grzesik, Bruce Miles, Joe Minichiello, Brian Johnson, Dan O’Connor, Sue Townsend, Jodie Lamm, Brian Johnson, Jay Naiman, and Joyce Hildreth.
Council members absent:  Paul Kaminsky

Council Staff: Phyllis Dill

DBS Staff: Antionette Williams, Wayne Jennings,

Audience: Mary Stutzman

Robert Kelly read a letter from Governor Crist.

District Administrator Report moved to Friday’s agenda.

Elder Care of Alachua County (ECAC) – Lynn Zirkelbach, Director

Budget Report and Legislative Update – Joyce Hildreth

Ms. Hildreth informed the Council that Evelyn Perkins had moved to another department in DOE.

In response to Paul Edward’s question concerning the 2008/2009 budget not listed on the DBS web site, Ms. Hildreth assured it would be done. 

Former Representative Dennis Baxley stopped by and spoke to the Council.

Florida Center for the Blind (FCB) – Tina Arndt, Executive Director

Hadley School for the Blind – Randy Morgan

Paul Edwards informed the council that there’s a special offer being made by Book Share that is good for the next month that allows anyone to join for a 3 month trial period.

Break at 10:20 AM

Client Satisfaction Survey – Mary Stutzman, PhD

Dr. Stutzman apologized to the Council for a data error and that she would make the correction and resend the final survey to Phyllis to distribute. 

Council comments –

Paul Edwards would like to see a correlation between those who didn’t respond well to “why did you come to DBS?” and the “are you currently working?” questions.

Dwight Sayer is concerned with unsuccessful closures being higher than successful closures.  He would like to see a trend of successful closures coming up.

Paul Edwards is concerned with the 15% not knowing whether they are being helped with current employment or to obtain employment.  He urged that DBS try to establish more information on the 15%. 

Paul Edwards believes the Council needs to be looking at (especially if Order of Selection is invoked) to what degree individuals who are legally blind and individuals who are totally blind receiving the range of services that they need.  He also thinks the Council needs more information from DBS to effectively identify 1) individuals who are receiving services allowing them to maintain employment, 2) individuals who are partially sighted but legally blind, 3) individuals who are substantially without vision.

Wayne Jennings explained the difference between Post Employment clients and clients just coming back for services.

Contract Management Services  (CMS) – Lee Nasehi

Meeting adjourned for lunch at 11:50 AM and resumed at 1:20 PM.

Director’s Report – Joyce Hildreth

The Council recommends that DBS request the return of the Endowment Funds and put them back in the Gifts and Donations fund.

Dwight Sayer moved that the meetings on Thursday adjourn at 3:00 PM instead of 2:00 PM.
Motion received a second and passed unanimously.

VR Goals and Cost Analysis Per Client– Wayne Jennings

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM

Friday, July 30, 2010

Ted Hull, Chair called the meeting to order at 8:30 AM.

Council Members Present:  Ted Hull, Robert Kelly, Jesus Garcia, Dwight Sayer, Sheryl Brown, Henry Alexander, Rufus Brown, Paul Edwards, Ben Grzesik, Bruce Miles, Joe Minichiello, Brian Johnson, Dan O’Connor, Sue Townsend, Jodie Lamm, Brian Johnson, Jay Naiman, and Joyce Hildreth.
Council members absent:  Paul Kaminsky

Council Staff: Phyllis Dill

DBS Staff: Antionette Williams, Wayne Jennings,

Approval of January Minutes – Phyllis Dill

Agenda Items for October 2010 meeting in Daytona Beach – Phyllis Dill

Recommended Agenda Items:

Ted Hull informed the Council of the process of the meeting agenda as follows:

Ms. Dill types the Agenda and sends a copy to Mr. Hull and Ms. Hildreth to review and return in one week.  After their review she will send it to the Executive Committee and they have a week to review it.  She will then send it to the entire Council that will have a week to review.  After all reviews, it will be considered final and Ms. Dill will make copies, get it Brailed and send out to other appropriate individuals.

District Administrator Report – Tom Walsh

Location of July 2011 meeting – Phyllis Dill

Council agreed on July 28 & 29, 2011.

Paul Edwards moved to have the July 2011 meeting in Ft. Myers.
Motion received a second.
Motion passed.

Council agreed having the 2nd quarterly meeting each year during the Vision Summit in Tallahassee with a reception occurring at the Lighthouse of the Big Bend immediately after the Public Forum.  Officers of FAASB would attend.  Mr. Hull suggested the Executive Committee of the Council oversee the organization of the function.

Policy Reviews – Antionette Williams

Economic Need Policy  #8.7

Council comments

Paul Edwards requested tutoring services be included on the economic need form either with #11 or right after.

Paul Edwards requested adding College Work Study to the category of not being used to determine maintenance and was informed that since it was part of financial aid it would be considered as income.

Paul Edwards moved the adoption of Policy 8.7 as amended.
Motion received a second.
Motion passed.

Maintenance Policy #6.12

Added the following:

Council comments

Paul Edwards suggested a time period on determining eligibility of maintenance be added.  He suggest 60 days,

Dwight Sayer suggests re-evaluations be done every 6 months and not quarterly.

Paul Edwards moved the adoption of Policy 6.12 as amended.
Motion received a second.

Motion passed.

College Student Handbook

Basic Requirements # 11

Council Comments

Brian Johnson and other members are concerned that only 70% is covered for housing if living in a dorm.  Off campus is understandable.

Jodi Lamm suggested that current college students and their families be given at least 4 to 6 months to adjust to the new policy given it takes time filling out loan and grant applications.

Brian Johnson informed DBS that according to federal regulations scholarships cannot be counted against students as income.

Handbook Introduction

Added to the Introduction page is the following note:

Basic Requirements #1

Added to #1 referring to the IPE:

Basic Requirements #9

Added the following to the first sentence:

Council Comments

Paul Edwards and other members do not like the stipulation that DBS will sponsor one remedial course and feel it is barring students who are blind from having equal access to colleges that are available to other students.

Council suggests the following:

Remove “one” and the addition.  Also, delete the last sentence.

# 9 should read:  “DBS will sponsor remedial courses in each subject area in the event that it is required by the college.”

Motion to accept #9 as amended was seconded and passed.

Semester Procedures

Addition to #3 as follows:

Motion to accept #3 as written was seconded and passed.

Addition to #5 as follows:

Council Comments

Paul Edwards does not think DBS will be able to hire tutors at the minimum wage.  It should be based on the prevailing rate.

Council suggests the following:

Delete #5 from Semester Procedures and add the following statement to #10 of the Basic Requirements:

Counselors may wish to consult with Disabled Students Services Office to establish the prevailing rate in the geographic area.

Council Comment on #6

Paul Edwards pointed out that #6 referred to DBS paying the registration fee if the student is eligible for services with regard to economic need.  Since economic need is only applying to maintenance he believes this should be taken out. He also recommends students should use book share.

Semester Procedure Notes

Council agreed notes were okay.

Paul Edwards informed DBS that it is not okay for Counselors to contact the college for student grades.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain their grades and provide them to their Counselor.

Paul Edwards moved to accept the College Handbook with revisions.
Motion received a second and passed.

New/Old Business

Action Items – April meeting

Deaf-Blind Category – Resolution and letter to Governor

Phyllis Dill informed the Council that the anticipated increase for accommodating the position would be included in the budget.

Dwight Sayer and Robert Kelly stressed the importance of everyone using the microphone at meetings and especially if the Deaf-Blind representative is appointed.

Addressing Future Resolutions

Paul Edwards moved for the Council to adopt a policy that it would only write resolutions on a statewide basis.
Motion received a second and passed.

Joe Minichiello moved to rescind the motion made in Lakeland concerning the Polk County tax increase.
Motion received a second and passed.

Sheryl Brown moved to write a resolution in support of transportation throughout the state.
Motion received a second and passed.

Open Discussion

Sheryl Brown read the following paragraph to be added to Dawn Saunders Bio that would be in the Annual Report, if approved.

“Dawn Saunders succumbed to her battle with breast cancer on June 3, 2010.  She contributed a lot as the IDEA representative on the Florida Rehab Council for the Blind.  She had a zest for life, crazy about Duran Duran and worked hard improving the quality of services for students with hearing and vision problems across the state of Florida.  She was a compassionate person, a wonderful mentor and advocate for the deaf-blind and their families.  She was a lady of character, intellect and humor and will be missed.”

Paul Edwards moved to add the paragraph to Dawn’s Bio.
Motion received a second and passed.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Phyllis Dill, AAII, Council Staff

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