Quarterly Meeting Minutes (Wednesday, February 6, 2013)

Doubletree Hotel
101 S. Adams St.
Tallahassee 32301

Paul Edwards, Chair called the meeting to order at 8:05 AM with the pledge of allegiance following roll call.

Council Members Present:  Paul Edwards, Andrew Raines, Bruce Miles, Vicky Magliocchino, Paul Kaminsky , Donté Mickens, Sheryl Brown, Dan O’Connor, Joe Minichiello, Sandra Martin, Dwight Sayer, Ben Grzesik, Lenora Marten, Sylvia Stinson-Perez, Leanne Grillot, Gloria Mills, Ted Hull and Brian Funk designee for Christopher White.   Aleisa McKinlay, Interim Director joined at 11:00 AM.   

Council Members Absent:  Christopher White

Council Staff: Phyllis Dill

DBS Staff:  Antionette Williams, Wayne Jennings, Beth Crain, Ana Saint-Fort, Johnnie Slaton, Jeff Whitehead, Sue Velasco, Brian Michaels, JoAnn Carrin, Phyllis Vaughn

Interpreters:  Pam Hill and Shannon Simon

Attendees:   Tracie Inman, Kevin Inman, Roy Cosgrove, Susan Hoffman, Mary Stutzman,  Eric Martin, Barbara Ross, David Wygle, Bill Mercer, Mary Stutzman  

A motion to adopt the Agenda received a second and passed. 

Election of Officers

Dan O’Connor conducted the election of Chair. 

Nominations for Chair:

Dwight Sayer nominated Bruce Miles and Ted Hull seconded the nomination.
There were no other nominees.  A motion to close nominations received a second and passed.  Mr. Miles was elected by acclamation.

Mr. Miles assumed the position of Chair and continued with the election of officers.

Nominations for First Vice Chair:

Andrew Raines nominated Dwight Sayer and Sandy Martin seconded the nomination.
There were no other nominees.  A motion to close nominations received a second and passed. Mr. Sayer was elected by acclamation.

Nominations for Second Vice Chair:

Dwight Sayer nominated Paul Kaminsky.  Mr. Kaminsky declined nomination.
Paul Kaminsky nominated Joe Minichiello and Sheryl Brown seconded the nomination.
There were no other nominees.  A motion to close nominations received a second and passed.
Mr. Minichiello was elected by acclamation.

Council Business

The motion to approve the October minutes received a second.  Motion passed.

A motion to conduct the 2014 meeting in conjunction with the Vision Summit in Tallahassee received a second.  Motion passed.
Agenda Items for the April 2013 meeting in Ft. Lauderdale:

The Council agreed to conduct a public forum in Ft. Lauderdale.

Lighthouse of the Big Bend

Barbara Ross, Executive Director of the Lighthouse of the Big Bend (LBB) gave an overview of the Center.

Before continuing with the agenda items, Mr. Miles addressed appointments of the Planning and Evaluation Committees.

Planning Committee –

Sheryl Brown, Chair
Ben Grzesik
Ted Hull
Paul Kaminsky
Joe Minichiello
Andrew Raines
Christopher White
Vicky Magliocchino
Lenora Marten

Evaluation Committee –

Paul Edwards, Chair
Donte Mickens
Dan O’Connor
Sylvia Stinson-Perez
Leanne Grillot
Gloria Mills
Dwight Sayer
Sandy Martin

Executive Committee -

Bruce, Miles, Council Chair
Dwight Sayer, First Vice Chair
Joe Minichiello, Second Vice Chair
Sheryl Brown, Chair, Planning Committee
Paul Edwards, Chair, Evaluation Committee

Client Satisfaction Survey Update

Mary Stutzman, PhD provided an update of the survey since last year’s final.  It covered May through December 2012.  Highlights were:

The Council recommended that VR Counselors and CRPS inform the client, upon closure, that they will be receiving a call from FSU to conduct a survey on their services from DBS.

Vicky Magliocchino suggested that a message is left for deaf-blind closures and that the calls are made through the Florida Relay.

Employer Recognition – Ability 1st

Ms. Saint-Fort, District Administrator gave the Council a summary of Ability 1st and its relationship with the district.
Ability 1st is the Big Bend Area Center for Independent Living of North Florida.  Mrs. Judith Barrett is the Executive Director and Mr. Dan Moore is the Director of Programs and Services.
It is a community-based non-profit org that provides  crime victim assistance, community education, deaf services, mental health outreach, nursing home transition program, youth transition High tech, permanent supportive housing/leasing assistance)  to various disabilities. 

Ability 1st has between 20 – 49 employees and has hired two DBS clients that are blind/visually impaired.

Mr. Bruce Weaver, Independent Living Coordinator expressed his appreciation to DBS, Lighthouse of Big Bend and Ability 1st for giving him the opportunity to be where he is today.

Mr. Moore accepted the Award.


District Administrator’s Report

Update on Outreach to Underserved/Unserved

Antionette Williams brought the Council up to date on what DBS is doing about the underserved and unserved population.

Ad Hoc Committee Report and Needs Assessment 2014

Paul Edwards reported to the Council that the Ad Hoc Committee adopted 4 of the 5 goals from the 2011 Needs Assessment and added 3 more goals.  He informed the Council that because of the time the last Needs Assessment was submitted to RSA there is a substantial period of time for conducting this Needs Assessment. 

Goals adopted at the January 16th meeting:

  1. Identification and Status of VR Clients with Most Significant and Significant Disabilities
  2. Identify Minorities receiving  VR services
  3. Identify the Characteristics and VR needs of Underserved  Individuals
  4. Identify the Characteristics and needs of Unserved Individuals
  5. Identify issues that significantly alter the performance of unsuccessful closures
  6. Identify the degree of technological readiness of individuals in status 20 (job ready) for job placement.
  7. Identify issues with transportation associated with individuals getting to employment.
    • Because there wasn’t data involving transportation it was suggested a survey be given to everyone in status 20.
    • Committee suggested reaching out to consumer organizations and conducting focus groups that is broader than current DBS clients to reach the unserved and underserved groups in the transportation area.

Dwight Sayer suggested including the mobility folks of the Department of Transportation.

Ms. Williams informed the Council of new procurement process that may require getting quotes from other vendors before awarding the contract to FSU.

Aleisa McKinlay explained the difference between significant and most significant disabilities and how they relate to Order of Selection.  She stated that VR was operating under an Order of Selection.

Ms. Williams informed the Council that a significant disability is two or less significant disabilities and most significant disability is four or more functional limitations.  RSA is looking at barriers to employment or independence as the limitations.

Lunch Break

Meeting resumed at 1:30 PM.

VR Goals Update

Wayne Jennings gave the Council current data on the VR goals for the first, second and third quarters.

Number Served – Total 4282

1st  quarter - 3580
2nd quarter – 3615
3rd quarter – 3366
Total Number of Closed Cases - 1155

1st  quarter - 441
2nd quarter – 475
3rd quarter – 239
Number of Unsuccessful Closures                                                                          

1st  quarter - 314
2nd quarter – 315
3rd quarter – 168
Total – 797

Number of Successful Closures – Total 358

1st  quarter – 127 included:
   Partially or Legally Blind - 59
   Other Visually Impaired – 27
   Totally Blind – 13
   As result of Restoration - 28
   Total - 170

2nd quarter – 160 included:
   Partially or Legally Blind - 81
   Other Visually Impaired – 41
   Totally Blind – 18
   As result of Restoration - 20
   Total 87

3rd quarter – 71 included:
   Partially or Legally Blind - 30
   Other Visually Impaired – 19
   Totally Blind – 7
   As result of Restoration - 15
   Total - 63

Rehabilitation Rate Percentages – Total 31%

1st  quarter – 29%
2nd quarter – 34%
3rd quarter – 30%

Number of Veterans Closures

1st  quarter – 2
2nd quarter – 7
3rd quarter – 4

Digital Learning

Leanne Grillot went over the following with the Council:

Gifts and Donations Update

Ms. McKinlay informed the council of where things stood with the process for the Gifts and Donations.

Director’s Report

Ms. McKinlay’s report included:

Paul Edwards moved that a letter be sent to Commissioner Bennett concerning selection of the new Director and the Council being a part of the process.  Paul Kaminsky seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Before the meeting adjourned, Mr. Edwards read the letter he composed.  The Council agreed that it be sent to Ms. Dill to put on Council letterhead.

The Council asked that Ms. Dill also attach the criteria the Council provided Commissioner Blomberg for the last Director selection. 

Meeting Adjourned at 4:00 PM

Respectively submitted, Phyllis Dill, AAII

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