Florida Council of the Blind, Inc.

Did you know that there are approximately 292,735 people with some type of a visual impairment in Florida? You or someone you know might be dealing with vision loss now. The Florida Council of the Blind (FCB) provides support for persons who are blind or visually impaired. Learn more of how FCB can assist you or your family.

Overview of FCB

FCB, established in 1953, is the largest self-advocacy and support group of its kind in Florida with more than 25 local chapters and several special interest affiliate groups. Members are of varying ages, ranging from 18 to 90.

FCB primary goals are twofold:

FCB promotes independence by bringing together people who are blind or visually impaired at an annual convention.

FCB conventions are packed with information on a variety of subjects, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), technological advances, legislative issues and pedestrian safety.

Services Offered by FCB

FCB offers many services to ensure its goals. These include:

Project Insight

The members of FCB believe anyone with an eyesight problem can live an active and productive life. Project Insight was created to reach out to people who have recently become blind or visually impaired to help them adjust to their loss of sight and achieve this quality of life.

Peer counselors or advisors are happy to provide information, encouragement and referrals to local, state and national services which are available. They can also suggest areas of social interaction and community involvement.

You may have lost your sight but not your "INSIGHT". FCB wants to assist you in dealing with vision loss. Contact the Florida Project Insight by calling 1-800-26-SIGHT (267-4448) or e-mailing proiectinsiQht@fcb.orQ.

Special Interest Groups

These special interest affiliates include:

FCB believes everyone, whether sighted or blind, is unique with her or his own talents and interests. FCB has something for everyone and encourages independence, opportunity and equality for all! FCB invites all with the words, "Come see what we have to offer you!"

Learn More

The Florida Council of the Blind (FCB) is a state affiliate of the American Council of the Blind (ACB). The FCB website is located at: http://www.fcb.org. The ACB website is located at: http://www.acb.org.
ACB is a statewide organization of blind people working to make life better through public education, legislative actions, and providing a statewide information and referral service through Project Insight.

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