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How We Can Help Employers

The Florida Division of Blind Services can provide the following types of services to employers:

  • Immediate and appropriate candidate referrals that will save you time and recruiting costs. An extensive background knowledge of our candidate pool allows us to select from only those candidates who meet your prescribed needs.
  • Follow-up support services that demonstrate a commitment from us to insure long-term support and a safe hiring decision.
  • Professional support and technical services that insure a smooth training period as we work to maintain your production numbers and meet your timelines.
  • On the job training services that save you time and the cost of training a new employee.
  • Trial hiring opportunities which insure that the choice of candidate fits your organizational needs prior to making a commitment to hire.
  • A diverse labor pool that provides you with ready access to a diversified workforce on an ongoing basis.
  • Voluntary, job ready candidates. You know that you are getting a motivated employee who wants to work.

Please contact a local Division of Blind Services office to learn more about opportunities available to your organization.

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