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Screen Magnification Software

Basic Facts About Screen Magnification Software

People with low vision often benefit from text, icons, menus, and graphics being enlarged.  Also, some people can see better when the foreground (text) and background colors are changed.  Screen enlargement software allows various magnifications of fonts, graphics, icons, and menus. Also, users can adjust colors on the screen for greater contrast.

Today many operating systems allow users to adjust both size and foreground and background colors.  Most browsers will allow a user to adjust their color selection and browsers like FireFox, opera, and IE7 also allow enlargement of most screen items.  But some people require assistive technology to meet their needs.

Screen Magnification Software Products

Specialized Screen Magnification Software includes:

A low vision examination is recommended before purchasing screen enlargement software. A low vision examination can ensure a holistic solution to reading requirements. A low vision examination may result in recommendations to reduce glare, provide better color contrast, deal with light sensitivity, and other individual eye conditions.

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