Screen Reading Software

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Basic Facts about Screen Reading Software

Screen Reading Software attempts to identify the visual display and provides voice output or refreshable Braille. Screen Reading Software may be stand alone or be in combination with other assistive technology such as screen magnifiers. Typically, a screen reader, sometimes called a speech output system, works with a speech synthesizer. A speech synthesizer which ‘speaks’ the text sent to it from the screen-reading program installed on the computer. The speech synthesizer is usually a software program that works with a sound card.
A screen-reading program sends text displayed on the screen to be spoken by a speech synthesizer. Common features include the ability to speak:

Screen reading software can benefit both persons with learning disabilities and people who are blind or severely visually impaired. Screen reading software is required so that people who are blind or severely visually impaired can access a variety of technology like email, word processing documents, spread sheets, databases, and webpages.

Text-to-Speech Software

Today operating systems, browsers, and products like Adobe have text-to-speech software included within its own programming.

Text-to-speech software is different from a screen reader. Text-to-speech software, while usually cheaper, is not as powerful as screen reading software.

Most of people have heard of Adobe. It has built in Text-to-speech software. If you have never used such software, please take the time to read the xxx using the text-to-speech software.

Screen Reading Software Products

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