Program Manual

1.0 - Processing Referrals and Applications

1.1 - Referrals

When a referral (see definition) is received, a reasonable effort must be made to contact the individual and inform him/her of application requirements and to gather information necessary to initiate an assessment for determining eligibility. The Rehabilitation Technician or district office designee is responsible for this process and must document that an effort has been made to contact the individual within 10 working days of receipt of the referral. (Division Policy 2.16)

NOTE: Once the signed referral/application has been received and date stamped, it will be entered in the AWARE system within 2 business days. An introductory letter should be completed in the AWARE Write Participant Letters Function, documented in AWARE within 10 calendar days, recorded in the activity history, printed, signed and mailed to the applicant by the Rehabilitation Technician or designee. (A printed copy should be included in the paper record of service.)  In addition to sending a printed letter, the Rehabilitation Technician should also attempt to phone the applicant to discuss his or her need for services and obtain information the Specialist may need for the initial interview such as medical information, employment history, etc.

1.2 - Applications

An individual is considered to have applied for services when he/she or the client’s representative, as appropriate:

  1. Has completed and signed an agency application or has submitted a written request for services or has completed a common intake form in a One-Stop center requesting Vocational Rehabilitation services, and
  2. Has provided information necessary to initiate an assessment to determine eligibility, and
  3. Is available to complete the assessment process.

Individuals who are homeless may be considered for services as long as they have an address of a homeless shelter they stay at and contact DBS regularly if they cannot be reached by cell phone.

Individuals with substance abuse problems may also be considered for services as long as they are either trying to receive treatment or are actively participating in a treatment program. (Policy 8.03)

NOTE: The Initial Interview must be conducted promptly and face-to-face with a Rehabilitation Specialist and conducted with all applicants regardless of whether the eye medical information has been received. The Initial Interview Format is located in the Letters section of AWARE. The Professional Disclosure is to be presented, reviewed and signed during the II with a copy given to the client.  The Rehabilitation Specialist will maintain a copy in the paper file, Section 2.

***At this time the paper file should be established according to the file organization outline located in the S Drive/VR Program Folder

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