Program Manual

5.0 - The Individualized Plan for Employment

NOTE: All plans must only include those services that are known to be needed to achieve an employment outcome.  Additional services will be added as necessary via amended plans.  No anticipated services are to be placed on any plan. 

5.1 - Content of the IPE CFR 34 361.46

An Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) must be developed for each eligible individual. The IPE outlines the individual’s employment outcome and the services that will be provided in order to accomplish the employment outcome.  The IPE includes the following documents (Division Policy 2.14):

  1. The Plan including the Vocational Goal Statement – (see Section 12.4)
  2. Employment Outcome Summary – (see Section 12.7)

The IPE must include, as appropriate, statements concerning the following items: 

  1. A description of the specific vocational goal chosen by the client consistent with his/her unique strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, career interests, and informed choice. 
  2. The specific rehabilitation services to be provided to achieve the established employment outcome, including such things as home management, personal management, communication, orientation and mobility, assistive technology, employment services, rehabilitation technology services, work experience and on-the-job training and related personal assistance services, as well as the management of such services and a statement that services are provided in the most integrated setting.  Service categories for the Plans are:

    Contract Services:

    Assistive Technology Training
    Counseling Services
    Information and Referral
    Job Development – Search Assistance
    Job Placement Assistance
    Job Readiness
    Other Services – Job Coaching
    Rehabilitation Technology
    Other Training

    Non-Contract Services:

    All Other (Including services to families and small)
    Counseling and Guidance – Substantial
    Eligibility/Needs Assessment
    Personal Assistance Services
    Physical and Mental Restoration
    Rehabilitation Technology Services
    Transition Services
    On the job training

  3. As determined necessary, a statement of the expected need for post-employment services after an employment outcome has been achieved (Employment Outcome Summary and Post-Employment Outcome Summary see Section 12.8).
  4. Timelines for the achievement of the employment outcome and the initiation of the services (Amended plans must close services when completed and no longer needed).
  5. A description of the entity or entities chosen by the eligible individual or, as appropriate, his/her representative that will provide the services and the methods used to procure those services.
  6. A description of the criteria that will be used to evaluate progress toward achievement of the employment outcome.
  7. The terms and conditions for the provision of Vocational Rehabilitation services, including:
    1. The responsibilities that DBS will assume in relation to the achievement of the employment outcome.
    2. The responsibilities the individual will assume in relation to the achievement of the employment outcome.
    3. The extent of the individual’s participation in the cost of services, if applicable.
    4. The responsibility of the individual with regard to applying for and securing comparable services and benefits.
    5. The responsibilities of other entities as a result of arrangements made pursuant to comparable services and benefits.
  8. For individuals who are eligible for services under The Individuals with Disability Act (IDEA), a summary of relevant elements of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for that individual, including, as appropriate, a summary of the relevant goals, objectives, and coordinated services identified in the IEP
  9. For individuals who will be receiving Supported Employment services:
    1. Description of the Supported Employment services to be provided by DBS.
    2. Description of the expected extended services needed, which may include natural supports.

Identification of the source of extended services or, to the extent that it is not possible to identify the source of extended services at the time the IPE is developed, include a description of the basis for concluding that there is a reasonable expectation that those sources will become available. (Employment Outcome Summary).

5.2 - IPE Signatories

The Individualized Plan for Employment must be:

5.3 - IPE Review and Amendment Processes

At a minimum the IPE must be reviewed annually and in person if possible by the Rehabilitation Specialist and the client or, as appropriate, his/her representative.  As a result of the review, the IPE should be amended to reflect any substantive changes to the employment outcome, vocational rehabilitation services, or service providers. An Amended Justification case note must be completed by the Specialist and entered into AWARE for each amended plan according to the Guidelines for Documentation.

A copy of the original plan and amendments should be given to the client in an accessible format and, if necessary, supplemented by an appropriate mode of communication.  The signed copy should be added to the paper file.

5.4 - Continuation of Planned Services during review/mediation/appeals. CFR 34 361.57(4)(i)(ii)

During the appeals process, services, evaluations and assessments on the IEP will continue.

Impact on provision of services. The State unit may not institute a suspension, reduction, or termination of vocational rehabilitation services being provided to an applicant or eligible individual, including evaluation and assessment services and IPE development, pending a resolution through mediation, pending a decision by a hearing officer or reviewing official, or pending informal resolution under this section unless:

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