Program Manual


A record of services must be maintained for each applicant or eligible individual to include the IPE documents as well as other documents which   require the individual’s signature or as appropriate, his/her representative.  The record of services includes, to the extent pertinent, the following documentation (Documentation Guidelines located in the S Drive/VR Program Folder):

  1. Documentation supporting the determination that an individual is either eligible or ineligible for vocational rehabilitation services (Certificate of Eligibility Section 12.2 or Certificate of Ineligibility Section 12.3).
  2. Documentation supporting the determination that the individual has a significant disability or a most significant disability (Disability Summary).

    NOTE: See definitions for Significant Disability and Most Significant Disability

    An individual with a most significant disability requires an exploration of abilities, capabilities, and capacity to perform in realistic work situation through the use of trial work experiences or, as appropriate, an extended evaluation in order to determine whether he/she is an eligible individual.  Documentation is needed to support the plan relating to that exploration or, as appropriate, Extended Evaluation (Certificate of Eligibility for Work Trials or Extended Evaluation see Section 12.6).
  3. Documentation supporting the periodic assessments conducted during the Extended Evaluation (Scheduled Review Notes).
  4. The written plan developed for the Trial Work Experiences or Extended Evaluation.
  5. The IPE, and any amendments to the IPE  
  6. Documentation describing the extent to which the applicant or eligible individual exercised informed choice regarding the provision of assessment services. Development of the IPE with respect to the selection of the specific employment outcome, the specific services needed to achieve the employment outcome, the entity to provide the service, the employment setting, the settings in which the services will be provided, and the methods of procurement (Plan and Vocational Goal Statement Section 12.4).
  7. In the event that a client’s IPE provides for services or a job placement in a non-integrated setting, justification for that non-integrated setting must be entered into AWARE.
  8. Documentation of periodic reviews and evaluations of progress toward achieving an employment outcome.
  9. In the event that a client obtains competitive employment, verification that the client is compensated at or above the minimum wage and that the wage and level of benefits are not less than that customarily paid by the employer for the same or similar work performed by non-disabled individuals. Documentation needs to be placed in AWARE verifying employment by contacting the client’s supervisor with client’s approval or by obtaining a first / current pay stub.  For self employment request a copy of the quarterly tax statement, if not available previous statement can be used.
  10. Documentation concerning any action and decision resulting from a request by a client for review of a Rehabilitation Specialist, Supervisor, or District Administrator. 
  11. In the event that a client obtains an employment outcome under Supported Employment, documentation of the results of the annual reviews, the client’s input into those reviews, and the client’s or, if appropriate, his/her representative’s acknowledgement that those reviews were conducted. 
  12. In the event that a client requests that documentation in the record of services be amended and it is not amended, documentation of the request and DBS response must be made.
  13. In the event that a client is referred to another program, documentation of the referral and scope of services provided must be done.
  14. In the event that a client’s record of services is closed as a successful employment outcome, documentation that demonstrates the services provided under the IPE contributed to the achievement of the employment must be completed.
  15. In the event that a requested service by a client is denied, a denial letter must be completed and sent to client. (AWARE Letter Section).

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