State Committee of Vendors Meeting

Maitland, Florida: May 17-18, 2002

Mr. Spiliotis opened the meeting and indicated that there was no specific agenda but ideas to be discussed would include the following topics:

The Committee Chairperson Mr. Spiliotis asked the Vice-Chairperson, Mr. Lover for a roll call. The roll call results were as follows:

Jim Lover, Vice Chairperson
Krekor Sampadian, Budget and Finance Sub-Committee Chairperson

Agency Representatives:


Mr. Kiser touched on the following in his remarks:

Mr. Elliott updated the Committee on the issues that follow:

Budget Issues:

Mr. Batterton read the budget presented line for line and offered some explanations of the categories.

The projected profit level of $7,500,000.00 was questioned and it was thought it would be realized due to program enhancements. Recent years have seen increased profits annually.

Repair reimbursements need to be submitted within a 60-day timeframe from the date of the repair.

Projects for next year were delineated with an explanation of where they were located. Mr. Batterton described each and Ms. Murphey responded to questions.

Tom Smith, the Region 1 Business Consultant, discussed the budget allocations for renovations and repairs within his area of responsibility. It was determined not to go into the other regional budgets in such detail at this session.

Machine repair and replacements, especially vending machines, resulted in a lengthy discussion of the problems of abuse and maintenance failures. Vendor to vendor assistance can help reduce the need for external repair company intervention. Various suggestions were offered to help reduce repair costs, which in turn might reduce replacement costs.

Mr. Sampadian asked Ms. Vickers for clarification on some of the budget figures.

Mr. Spiliotis summarized the budget presentations, as it related to the set-aside percentage needed to support the federal allocations.

At the current rate of 5% there does not appear to be any contingency for unexpected needs. Mr. Sampadian recommended that set aside be increased to 6% on July 1, 2002. Mr. Spiliotis reminded the Committee that the Division had shown its willingness to enhance the program in the past and in the future.

Ms. Alger moved set-aside be set at 6%, effective July 1, 2002. Ms. Malmberg seconded.

Discussion ensued. Mr. Angelicola asked if Mr. Kiser or Mr. Elliott for their opinions on the proposal. Mr. Kiser said his concept was to keep set-aside at 5% for normal operational needs and use any additional set aside to grow the program with new facilities and projects. Mr. Kiser asked for the Committee to designate two people to act as policy makers for budget allocation shifts. This topic was tabled since it was not germane to the motion at hand.

Motion carried unanimously.

Following up on Mr. Kiser's suggestion, Mr. Lover made a motion that a panel consisting of the SLA Director, the SLA Bureau Chief, the Committee Chairperson and the Committee Vice-Chairperson be formed to consult on projects and renovations. Ms. Alger seconded the motion. Discussion ensued.

Motion carried 12 to 1 affirmatively.

Meeting adjourned for the evening.

Mr. Kurt Ponchak discussed various Division initiatives and outcomes involving the recent legislative session, including the acquisition of PECO funds for library and rehab center improvements. He offered to work closely with the Committee on any issues that it might feel important.

After a presentation about coin sorters and currency handlers, discussion shifted to the combination of various locations.

The first combination discussed involved combining Facility #529 (the vending machines at the Jackson County I-10 Rest Areas) with Facility #528 at the US 231 Welcome Center in Jackson County. Mr. Bart vonWolffradt provided his insights supporting the combination since he is currently the LOFA holder at Facility #528.

Ms. Debby Malmberg made a motion to combine the locations involved. After a second, the following

Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Harper and Mr. Kaiserian presented on the benefits of combining 3 new machines coming on line at the NADEP Annex at Cecil Field in Jacksonville with the vending machine route comprising Facility #397 at the Navel Air Station in Jacksonville. After considerable discussion, Mr. Harper moved to add the NADEP Annex to Facility #397 at the NAS in Jacksonville. Mr. Gaudette seconded. After some discussion, the following vote resulted.

Motion carried with a vote of 12 yes and 1 no.

The next combination involved formally adding the machines at the MEP Center in Jacksonville to the vending machine route comprising Facility #389 at the Naval Air Station. Ms. Alger moved to formalize the combination and Mr. Renderman seconded. The question was called immediately and the following votes were cast.

Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Kaiserian asked the Committee to support the addition of machines at the state Children Medical Services building in Gainesville to Facility #525 at the US Post Office there. Ms. Alger made a motion to do so and Mr. Renderman seconded. After some discussion, the following votes were cast.

Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Gaudette broached the combination of both Facilities currently located at the Coleman Federal Prison. There have been numerous attempts to bid the Coleman II location. Mr. Gaudette moved to combine the locations and Mr. Fickett seconded. After a lengthy discussion, the following votes were cast.

Motion carried unanimously.

Ms. Alger asked for a status report on implementation of the new LOFA forms. Mr. Elliott said the new forms are being used as new contracts are issued and that new contracts were being initiated by July 1, 2002 on all the expiring LOFAs.

Training Change Highlights:

OJT Trainers will be trained to assure OJT is done consistently on a statewide basis. The Bureau and the Training sub-committee will approve trainers.

Compensation of trainers was discussed. Mr. Fickett made a motion to provide compensation for trainers to be determined at a later date. Mr. Francis seconded.

After discussion, a roll call vote was taken with the following outcome.

Motion carried unanimously.

Ms. Alger moved the training policy be implemented and Mr. Gaudette seconded. The roll call resulted in the following votes being called.

Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Newcomb presented the status of the current selection in process. It was suggested that a written reminder be mailed to all vendors and trainees about the announcements being placed on the toll free telephone call-in service. Mr. Elliott agreed to such notifications two weeks prior to the July 1st and the October 1st bids.

The various inequities of the selection process and the capacity to manipulate reporting to gain advantage were discussed. Mr. Spiliotis asked Mr. Angelicola and Ms. Malmberg to research this more for reporting back to the Committee as a whole. Mr. Lover also offered to work on this assignment.

The establishment of Selection Panels was discussed as well as the need for additional panel members.

Mr. Spiliotis discussed the need for additional selection panel members. The confirmation process can be intense and the discussion of candidates cannot be done in closed session since the Division and meetings under its auspices must be conducted in compliance with the Florida ?Sunshine? laws. A voluntary decision to leave the room during these discussions is not objectionable.

Camp Achievement was discussed briefly and Mr. Elliott said he would ask Mr. David Newton to call Ms. Alger to brief her on its movement to the St. Augustine School for the Deaf and Blind. Disbursement of funds collected for food service at Camp Achievement was tabled until the next Committee meeting.

Mr. Spiliotis indicated the Coke contract for unassigned vending machines had been extended.

Ms. Murphey indicated that Lance was going out of the vending machine business. The Division is planning to exercise its right to cancel the current contract. Mr. Elliott said a Request For Proposal (RFP) was being developed for release and Ms. Murphey said it might be necessary to let contracts based on the Bureau?s five regions.

Mr. Spiliotis suggested the Bureau investigate establishing an Interstate vending machine route for machines located at the Jefferson and Madison Counties? rest areas. No pavilions exist at these exits currently. Mr. Elliott was in favor of a limited LOFA for this type operation.

A number of individuals elected to leave at this point while candidates for the Selection Panel were discussed.

The results of the committee's deliberations were that Mr. John Klindtworth was confirmed to fill the remainder of the 3-year term that ends in October. It is expected to extend that for a full term when the time comes.

Mr. Jim Parkman was confirmed as the Committee?s Alternate to replace Mr. Paul Prescott, who expressed his willingness to resign as he feels that there are sometimes conflicts between his roles as a District Rep and a member of the Selection Panel.

The establishment of a second panel was tabled until the August meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

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