State Committee of Vendors Directory

The Florida State Committee of Vendors consists of one representative and one alternate from each vending facility district and a chairman and vice-chairman. The committee represents the vendors in the state Business Enterprise Program based on geographic location and facility type. The committee actively participates with the state licensing agency (Florida Division of Blind Services, Business Enterprises Program) in major administrative decisions, policy and program development, transfer and promotion opportunities for vendors, and acts as advocate for the vendors with grievances. In addition, the committee, with state assistance, sponsors a biennial seminar for training and election of officers.

The following is a list of State Committee of Vendors with their mailing address, business phone number and e-mail address as of 10/18/2021.


James Warth
Phone: (727) 742-9660
Email Address:


Terri Lindstrom
Phone: (850) 556-5815
Email Address:

District One

Kurt Ponchak (Representative)
Phone: (850) 345-9124
Email Address:

Alton Palmore (Alternate)
Phone: (601) 951-2260
Email Address:

District Two

Colton Knight (Representative)
Phone: (850) 900-6232
Email Address:

Michel Renaud (Alternate)
Phone: (850) 443-1307
Email Address:

District Three

Mitzi Bowen (Representative)
Phone: (321) 217-6783
Email Address:

Marylynn Giles-Robinson (Alternate)
Phone: ((850) 451-1636
Email Address:

District Four

Randall Crosby (Representative)
Phone: (321) 514-2913
Email Address:

Patti Fulda (Alternate)
Phone: (904) 704-0194
Email Address:

District Five

David Stevens (Representative)
Phone: (352) 874-5530
Email Address:

Phil Bluschke (Alternate)
Phone: (352) 793-7971
Email Address:

District Six

Phil Hubbard  (Representative)
Phone: (386) 748-9229
Email Address:

Kashif Ahmed (Alternate)
Phone (954) 593-1530
Email Address:

District Seven

T.J. McCormick (Representative)
Phone: (813) 420-4787

Jose Quintanilla (Alternate)
Phone: (904) 315-6984
Email Address:

District Eight

Sead Bekric (Representative)
Phone: (727) 504-7268
Email Address:

Mary Hayes (Alternate)
Phone: (904) 234-3146
Email Address:

District Nine

Orlando Ramirez (Representative)
Phone: (973)-668-6888
Email Address:

Edward Spence (Alternate)
Phone: (305) 502-1117
Email Address:

District Ten

Daniel Ochoa (Representative)
Phone: (786) 925-7166

Antonio Gonzalez (Alternate)
Phone: (786) 559-6522
Email Address:


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