Altamonte Springs, Florida: 10/31/03 – 11/01/03

1. Call to Order - The State Committee of Vendors Meeting was called to order by the Chairperson Krekor Sampadian at 1:00 PM October 31, 2003.

2. Roll Call - The first order of business was a "Roll Call" by Committee Secretary Gyorke Alger by District:

3. Introduction of guest:

Introduction of Agency Representatives:

Introduction of Other Guests:

4. Pass Previous Minutes: A motion to approve the July, 2003 Minutes as presented (by E-Mail) was made my Gyorke Alger. 2nd by Gene Harper. A voice vote was made. All Voted Yes.

5. Old Business: Old Business was call for by the Chairperson. None brought to the table.

6. Workgroups (assignments): Chairperson Krekor Sampadian E-Mailed all Committee Members and Alternates a list of Work Group Assignments. A discussion of the assignments followed. Mr. Gene Harper requested to be added to the Training & Retraining Work Group. The committee, through discussion, agreed that it would be a good idea due to Gene’s knowledge of this area. The Chairperson Krekor Sampadian suggested that the various Workgroups get together for a brief meeting after adjournment.

Committee Assignments (as E-Mailed):

  1. Policy Development: Jim Anderson, Dan Angelicola, Gyorke Alger
  2. Training: Leslie Francis, Chuck Fickett Debby Malmberg,
  3. Audit Budget & Finance: Dan Angelicola, Darryl Brinton, Phil Bluschke
  4. Seminar: Don Weitzel, Shirley Smart, Gene Harper
  5. Grievance: Gyorke Alger, John Kalivoda, Leo Thompson, Alt. Jim Lover
  6. Transfer & Promotion: Phil Bluschke, Jerry Rigney, Darryl Brinton
  7. Selection Panel: Phil Bluschke, Shirley Smart, John Kleintworth, Alt. Paul Prescott, Agency, Agency.
  1. Speakers: Ms. Patricia Gleason (850 544-2339) gave a telecom presentation on "FLORIDA SUNSHINE LAW". A discussion followed. Note was made that this "LAW" had been sent to last year’s Committee Members and that it is also available online.
  2. Discussion of Business Expenses: Gyorke Alger, at the request of a constituent, inquired as to the "Policy " in reference to inclusion of rent paid for storage facilities by vending route operators as a Business Expense on the Monthly Report. Ms. Alger was informed that it was an approved expense for vending route operators with no storage facilities available on site. Ms Alger encouraged all committee members to inform those with vending routes.
  3. Selection Panel (assignments): Because of the appearance of "Conflict of Interest" Phil Blushke and Shirley Smart (both having been elected to the Committee of Vendors) will be resigning from the Selection Panel. Paul Prescott’s resignation as an alternate to the Selection Panel has created a need for his position to be filled, also.

    A lengthy discussion followed from which a need for additional "back-up" alternates was addressed. A consensus was made by the committee to confirm two "back-up" alternates in order to avoid the emergency teleconferences that have occurred in the past.

    Nominations were ask for from the floor by the Chairperson:

    1. Gene Harper nominated Mary Hayes to replace Phil Blushke and 2nd by Gyorke Alger.
    2. Jerry Rigney nominated Joseph Garcia to replace Shirley Smart and 2nd Dan Angelicola.
    3. Leslie Francis nominated Lonnie Wilcox to replace Shirley Smart and 2nd by Shirley Smart.
    4. Debbie Malmberg nominated Cathy Graham for alternate and 2nd by Shirley Smart.
    5. Dan Angelicola nominated Bart vonWolffaradt for back-up and 2nd by Debbie Malmberg.
    6. Leo Thompson nominated Valerie James for back-up and 2nd by Debbie Malmberg.

Gene Harper moved to close nominations, 2nd by Gyorke Alger. A voice roll call followed: Unanimous "yes"

  1. Phil Bluchke replacement --Mary Hayes: Unanimous "Yes"(2/3 qualifying vote).
  2. Shirley Smart replacement:
    1. Joseph Garcia: Unanimous "Yes" (2/3 qualifying vote).
      1. Lonnie Wilcox: did not receive required 2/3 qualifying vote (2-Yes; 10-No).
  3. Paul Prescott (Alternate) replacement – Cathy Graham (11-Yes; 1-No).
  4. Bart vonWolffaradt Back-up (10-Yes: 2-No).
  5. Valerie James Back-up (11-Yes; 1-No).
  1. New Business:
    1. The Blast Conference sponsored by the National Association of Blind Merchants, a subsidiary of NFB will be held at the Rosen Plaza, Orlando, Florida in April 2004. This event includes a large trade show, several speakers and training workshops. A discussion followed.

      Debbie Malmberg moved to recommend that the Agency consider reimbursement of BLAST 2004 Registration Fee ($100) for LOFA holders as part of "Upward Mobility Initiative". 2nd by Shirley Smart.

      Motion Passed with a roll call vote of 11-yes and 1-no.

    2. The Chairperson, Krekor Sampadian, stated that he will E-Mail the Committee of Vendors members detailing those points that need clarification.

Meeting was Adjourned at 5:15PM to reconvene at 8:30AM on Saturday 11/01/03

Call to Order - The State Committee of Vendors Meeting was reconvened and call to order by the Chairperson Krekor Sampadian at 8:30AM November 1, 2003.

Roll Call - The first order of business was a "Roll Call" by Committee Secretary Gyorke Alger by District:

Introduction of guest:

12. Discussion of Florida Commission of Blind Bill: A discussion of pendinglegislation that would replace the Division of Blind Services with a Commission appointed by the governor to place. The Bureau Chief, Michael Elliott, stated that the new bill being drafted would retain the status of current state employees.

The Chairperson expressed concern, along with several other Committee members, that advocacy groups that have historically shown a lack of support for the Vending Program would dominate the "Commission". Dan Angelicola suggested that when the new bill appears the Committee of Vendors should seek a legal opinion as to its merits and the effect on the vending community. The idea met with unanimous approval.

The Chairperson, Krekor Sampadian, announced the creation of a new "Legislative and Legal Advisory " work group to be chaired by Tom Spiliotis. Tom will be directed to appoint two other members to the work group. The Chairperson also is requesting that the Expenses of this work group be reimbursed by the Division of Blind Services. The Chairperson than ask for a voice vote approving this Group. Unanimous approval was indicated by yes votes.

13. Discussion of Policy Development: The Chair directed the "Policy Development Work Group" to concentrate on the development of statewide consistency of Bureau Operations.

Gyorke Alger moved to appoint Michael Pierce as the Committee of Vendors representative & Dennis Horn as the Alternate to the Rehab Council. 2nd by Debbie Malmberg. A roll call vote was unanimous.

Leo Thompson requested that the start time for the Friday meetings be moved to 1:30PM. The Chair agreed.

Jim Anderson requested that meetings not be scheduled for the last day of the month. The Chair agreed.

Gene Harper moved that the meeting be adjourned, 2nd by Gyorke Alger. Unanimous voice vote. There being no other business, the chair call the meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM.

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