Mr. Sampadian called the meeting to order at 7:15 P.M.

Ms. Alger called the roll.

Ms. Hayes announced that Pat Turnage is in ICU with a ruptured colon and asked that members keep him in their prayers.

The minutes of the May 2005 meeting were approved without change.

Mr. Sampadian stated the purpose of the meeting: to nominate and confirm at least two alternates to the Statewide Grievance Board, who will serve on a one-time basis. This was requested by Mr. Jim Gaudette, who has filed a grievance arising from the selection of another applicant for Facility 476.

Mr. Newcomb explained that Mr. Gaudette’s grievance involves the selection process and that he accepted as a credible reason Mr. Gaudette’s request that individuals who have participated in the development and amendment of that process should not serve on this proceeding. Mr. Gaudette also objected to Mr. Jim Lover serving because of his long association with Tom Spiliotis.

Seven individuals were nominated and approved. Mr. Newcomb will contact each in the order in which they were approved to determine their willingness to serve. He will then contact Mr. Gaudette and offer him the opportunity to reject any he believes cannot hear his issues fairly and with no bias. Ms. Alger expressed concern that this could establish an undesirable precedent. Mr. Newcomb responded that he would take steps to ensure that any objections did in fact present a credible reason for excluding any person approved by the Committee.

The following persons were nominated and approved by the required two-thirds affirmative vote:

  1. Steve Mercer, nominated by Jerry Rigney
  2. Don Tuell, nominated by Phil Bluschke
  3. Charles Hackney, nominated by Jerry Rigney
  4. Bill Perrett, nominated by Mary Hayes (accepted nomination)
  5. Bob Murray, nominated by Joel Rose
  6. Debbie Hietala, nominated by Jerry Rigney
  7. Don Felder, nominated by Joel Rose

No further nominations were offered.

Mr. Newcomb stated that the date for the hearing must be set by Wednesday, July 6th in order to be published in the Florida Administrative Weekly in compliance with the Sunshine law. The date for Mr. Gaudette’s grievance hearing will take place by the end of July.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:35 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Gyorke Alger

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