Quarterly State Committee Vendors Meeting

March 9 - 10, 2012 - Embassy Suites, International Drive, Orlando

The meeting was called to order at 9am on Friday, March 9, 2012 by Tom Spiliotis.

John Klindtworth conducted a roll call. The following persons were present:

Tom Spiliotis, Chairman; John Klindtworth, Vice Chairman

District Representatives:

District 1-Marcus Armstrong; District 2-Kurt Ponchak; District 3 -Mark Turner, Alternate; District 4-Bill Perret; District 5-Dennis Horn; District 6-Randall Crosby; District 7-Charles Hackney; District 8-Catherine Gyorke Alger; District 9-Joel Rose; District 10-Jesus Villeda

Bureau of Business Enterprise Staff

William Bill Findley, Bureau Chief; Maureen Fink, Operations Manager; Alan Risk, Compliance Officer; Lawrence Batterton, Government Analyst; Janet Chernoff, Administrative Services Consultant; Don Meloy, Marketing-Site Development Consultant; John Ahler, Region 1 Consultant; Bernie Kaiserian, Region 2 Consultant; Gregory Coon, Region 3 Consultant; Stephen Holland, Region 4 Consultant; Chadwick Duncan, Region 5 Consultant

Other Attendees:

Division of Blind Services
Joyce Hildreth, Division Director


David Kaplan, District 9; Rob McClaskey, District 4

Vendors - Licensees

Tom Saunders, Mitzi Tyler, Jose Formoso, Victor Rosario

Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Steven Moss, Instructor
Trainees: Bill McDermott, Daniel Ochoa, Lawanda Feldsteen, Brian Britt


Ray Turner, Michael Elliott, DJ Hackney, Erica Turner, Barbara Perret

Introduction of new personnel-Bill Findley

Bill Findley introduced new employee, Don Meloy, Marketing and Site Development Consultant. Don briefly shared his background with the group.

Minutes of December 2011 meetings-Janet Chernoff

Janet Chernoff read highlights of the December meetings. Minutes had been sent out previously to all members via email. Kurt Ponchak moved to approve the minutes, Gyorke Alger seconded. The motion passed without objection.

Division of Blind Services-Joyce Hildreth

Joyce Hildreth, Director of Division of Blind Services, spoke briefly with the committee. She enumerated the changes in BBE including consistent policies throughout the state to avoid inequities, increasing the criteria for licensed vendors, monitoring, and electronic reporting. She thanked vendors that have taken over second facilities on a temporary basis. Committee members indicated that the Bureau has been more responsive and theres been an attitudinal shift towards professionalism. Joyce has been able to report to legislative committees that the program generates taxable revenue and creates jobs. A portion of the people hired by BBE vendors are disabled or visually impaired. She encouraged vendors to continue to hire the visually impaired or disabled whenever possible.

Legislative Update- Tom Spiliotis

Tom Spiliotis reported that the vote on commercialization of interstates has been moved to Tuesday, March 13. Vendors have been contacting their representatives.

Subcommittee Assignments-Tom Spiliotis

No committee was appointed for retirement and fringe benefits because that does not apply to vendors in Florida.

Tom Spiliotis discussed our contract with Visinity (aka Best Vendors) and a plan to utilize local companies to operate our unassigned facilities. A suggestion for Don Meloy was for him to survey successful operations. Don will be in Tallahassee next week to see locations and strategize.

BBE Updates - Bill Findley

There is plenty of money in the BBE budget. We are monitoring expenses and projects and encumbering money ahead of time. Deadlines at the end of the fiscal year concern the transition into the next year and do not mean we are low on funds. Tom suggested that the Bureau advise operators via email about any deadlines or delays caused by this transition.

Bill Findley asked that district representatives encourage their vendors to check emails and the website regularly. This is our best way to communicate, so all vendors should have an open and active email account. Tom wants vendors to check their email daily. Systems are available to check emails by phone.

Maureen will send out a list of who still needs to complete their W-9 forms. MITs are only for emergencies. Consultants will help vendors determine what is an emergency.

Total Purchases by region from July 1, 2011 - February 29, 2012

Region 1 - $140,302 ($23,000 on routine maintenance - $5,000 on remodels)
Region 2 - $160,000 ($32,000 on maintenance - $7,000 Duval County Courthouse)
Region 3 - $78,000 ($4,000 on maintenance)
Region 4 - $143,000 ($4,800 on maintenance, $46,000 in remodels including new rest areas in Zephyrhills)
Region 5 - $264,000 (maintenance was $35,000, remodels $35,000, $60,000 for new Miami Customs facility that isnt open yet).

We hope to have a budget by region by the May meeting.

Maureen suggested that managers keep a log of vending machine repairs. This will help us justify replacement of problem machines.

We have spent about $130,000 on reimbursements in this fiscal year. We will provide information on repairs by vendor to the committee members. Joel Rose expressed concerns about Crane repairs and billing.

Kurt Ponchak reported on the budget. There is plenty of cash in the treasury under set aside and there is sufficient cash reserve to finish this fiscal year and into the next. Tom said that Kurt will create a document that will allow lay people to understand the budget. We have $2,095,000 in spending authority.

Strategic Plan

Currently it is not to our advantage to cancel the Visinity contract. Eventually we would like to contract with local companies and self-manage locations. We need the IG to do an audit of Visinity accounting to see if we are getting all the monies that are owed. We want to get funds back into the program.

We are working with American Food and Vending to open a coffee and snack shop on the 16th floor of the Turlington Building. Historically the manager of the cafeteria has managed the 16th floor snack bar and vending.

We hoped to increase the number of vendors from 119 to 122 in this federal fiscal year. Managers have left or been removed and some added. We hope to have 122 active vendors by September 30.

Future goals are to reduce working capital losses, increase sales, and increase facilities. We hope to offset losses caused by post office closures and diminishing populations by adding facilities and expanding existing facilities.

Eglin AFB

Meal service began on Monday, December 5. They serve four meals Monday- Friday including a midnight meal. The proper permits were not acquired by the Air Force for the plumbing so they had to boil water for a few days. We have had to amend the agreement with Blackstone because the Air Force wants to pay DOE. We have to expand our spending authority, which requires a legislative amendment.

Bill talked about the trend towards healthy items. Products are getting better and the market is changing. Chadwick suggested designating a column in vending machines for healthy items and marking them accordingly. Healthy items are also becoming more popular in over the counter facilities.

We recommend that vendors in over the counter and rest areas consider adding debit-credit card machines to help increase business. If a vendor wants to have a two tier pricing and pass the cost on to the customer they must post a sign that the price listed is the cash discount price.

Regional Updates - All Consultants

Region 5 - Chadwick Duncan
New Facilities
Miami Airport - US Customs and Border Patrol facility at airport - Lillian Pemberton has been offered it on a Type II - we are still working on the permits
UF administrative Offices

Existing Facilities

584 -Community Health Center Miami - Lillian Pemberton has that on a Type II - we have made improvements and they plan to close for two months and renovate the facility in the near future
294 -Snack bar in Miami is being converted to vending
469 -Don Gerschicks facility was renovated; renovations are planned for the lobby


JoAnn Monroes brother passed away
Joel Rose held a regional training, participating vendors received .5 CEUs
New regional consultant, James Carper, based out of Ft Lauderdale will start March 23.

Region 4 - Stephen Holland
New Facilities
Florida Wildlife Commission
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Lighthouse Pinellas
Post offices in Hudson, New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs and Sarasota
Employee break room in Polk Works

Existing Facilities

I-75 rest areas at Zephyrhills have reopened
Dan Archer doing a great job on the route in Ft. Myers since last September
Charles Hackney survived a sink hole at his rest area
Expanded our presence in the Clerk of County courthouse in Plant City

Potential Locations

Tampa Airport - RFP will be out the end of this year or beginning of next
VA - Steve continues to pursue this opportunity - no results at this time

Applicants for the BBE program

Mary Ann Alexander, Woody Matthews, Diane Rowe, Will Grignon and Ron Light

Region 3 - Gregory Coon
Existing Facilities
586 - Jose Formoso - adding locations to offset the scheduled closure of his anchor facility
459 - Victor Rosario will benefit from closure as staff is moved to his locations
460 - Phillip Bluschke - An elderly driver drove into vending area damaging the machines - area was up and running within two days and we have received the check from the insurance company
Kennedy Space Center - The contract for the cafeteria ends in September. We are waiting for more information to determine our involvement in this facility. January was a rough month for snack bars due to wildfires. Genny Greene is moving to Fort Pierce and her vending location will be offered on a Type II.

Potential Locations

Several post offices in the Orlando and Daytona areas have been overlooked; Greg is investigating them to add to existing routes.
Orlando TSA - Greg is still working on this. They think that location would not be viable for us. GSA is educating agencies as to their role in regard to the Randolph-Sheppard Act.

Region 2 - Bernie Kaiserian
Existing Facilities
564 - Blount Island - Hugh Mansfield has this location on a Type II and is doing well. He plans to apply for it on the next selection cycle.
590 - Jacksonville Healthy vending route - Bill Perret has it on a Type II. Twenty machines and a sheriffs substation were added.
239 - Bobby Capehart - ten machines in the Duval County Jail were added to this facility.
33 - Duval County Courthouse - Darryl Brinton - new courthouse is scheduled to open the end of May. The contract for equipment has been awarded but not signed, so we may need to look at using the number two bidder.
145-Federal Building - Rob McClaskey - new paint, flooring, and new menu boards completed.
401 - Sharon Rodman - work done on ceiling, electrical and cabinetry


Seventeen people are signed up for Crane training. Two sessions have been scheduled.
Kyle McMurty had a stroke three months ago, but is now home. Hopefully will be returning to work in the future.
Todd Bowens father passed away.

Region 1 - John Ahler
Existing Facilities
286 - Ron Jones - applied for permits to add two post offices to his route. Post Office employees are worried about their employee benefit fund which is financed by the vending.
470 - Kim Morris - Kim had a grand opening on February 29 that was attended by over 150 people. She gave out free food and door prizes. We had the dining room painted and added a storage room.
485 - Randy Shuster has added a delivery service with limited success to offset declining business.
502 - Maria Reynolds may lose a building on her route due to a change in how leasing is handled in that building. GSA has moved from one lease for the building to individual leases that no longer pay for the vending area. Building management is trying to get back rent on this area. This is a trend we need to be aware of.
534 - Lourena Mellott - still working on adding vending from Saufley Field to this route. The Navy wants the vendor to pay $239 per month for electricity. We have requested that the charge be waived, but vendor is willing to pay.
545- Lacy Corker - Lacy had an open house on March 6th that was attended by at least 150 people. Complimentary food was served and door prizes were given out.
577 - Donna Galley has settled into her route on the Panhandle and has had some problems with break ins. We are looking at measures to improve security at this location.
587 - Mike Sumler- Blackwater prison did not get awarded in the January selection cycle so Mike will continue to manage it on a Type II.
593 - Kurt Ponchak - 15 machines were added to this route.

There was a short discussion concerning security at Donna Galleys location. John asked about security cameras at rest areas. Tom said that there may be a law that prevents cameras at these facilities. Bill will check with DOT to see about security at these rest areas and others. There are concerns about security. Problems included the staff being inattentive or too far from the vending and restroom areas to be effective. Other vendors have noticed that security is only in evidence for short periods of time. At some locations one guard is covering both rest areas. Tom said that Shirley Smart said her security was changed from 4pm-8am to 8pm-6am.

Region 1 - Janet Chernoff
Janet took over four facilities on January 20, 2012. The Collins Building, Facility 273; Claude Pepper Building, Facility 320; Larsen Building, Facility 441; and the Douglas Building, Facility 591.

Existing Facilities

273 - Don White resigned on January 27 and Richard Stevens took it over on a Type II. Sales increased within the first week. Richard is planning an open house for March 27.
591 - Patrick Foley resigned on January 30 and American Food and Vending took over the operation. Sales also increased within the first week.
441 - Martin Gadd had a small fire with the stove and electrical work was required. Arrangements for a refrigerator truck were made while the electricity was off in the building during the first weekend in March.

Daytona Training-Steven Moss
Three students have graduated since December and are now in OJT; Gary Ernneus, Robert Gary, and Brian McKenney. Four students attended the meeting. Two, Bill McDermott and Daniel Ochoa will graduate on March 30th. Brian Britt will finish in mid-April and Lawanda Feldsteen will graduate in May. Four students started February 6, one was sent home after it was determined that he did not meet the qualifications. The others, Jonathan Caudill, Thomas Loveday, and Phillip Hubbard will finish the end of May. The next class starts on April 2. In 2011 we trained and graduated 13 students.

The eight week rotation shortens the wait time for new students and allows flexibility for current students. Applicants are interviewed first by the local consultant and then by an interview panel. Prior to the assessment interview the applicant provides the appropriate paperwork and assessments and goes through a back ground screening.

Nine people were licensed in 2011 and seven have accepted a LOFA. Average time from licensure to signing into a facility has been 39 days. Two people have been licensed in 2012. Janet reported that we have the potential of 14 new licensees by September 2012.

OJT - Brian McKenney is with Richard Stevens in Tallahassee and he will finish on March 13. Junior Vega is with Steve Docie and has another month of OJT. Robert Gary has a broken ankle and has had to take a break and we will need to see when he is able to return. Gary Ernneus is in West Palm with Don Gerschick.

Tom expressed the committees appreciation for all the vendors that are willing to help with training. John reported on Steve Docies health. Steve had a mild heart attack on a Thursday but was back to work the following Monday.

Type II - Maureen Fink
Recent Type II Awards
Miami - US Customs and Border Control - Lillian Pemberton
Tallahassee Vending route - Kurt Ponchak
The FAA - JoAnn Monroe
Jacksonville Healthy Vending Route - Bill Perret
Blount Island - Hugh Mansfield
Gainesville Library - Tetoee Howard
Punta Gorda Weigh Station - George Arthur

We have twenty-five Type II contracts. Maureen explained that some Type IIs are bid out and no qualified vendor wants them. Some Type IIs need to be studied prior to putting it on the selection list.The Orlando cafeteria being run by Victor Rosario will be on the May selection list as well as the Fort Knox facility managed by Kim Morris. A number of facilities have first time operators on a Type II who will probably apply for them. In some facilities we wait until the facility is stabilized before putting them up for bid.

Grievance Report and Legal Actions - Alan Risk
Since the December 2011 meeting there was one grievance hearing, one chapter 120 that was rescheduled and arbitration hearing that is to be scheduled. In the grievance hearing the complainant filed a grievance disputing the agency decision to revoke his license for abandonment of the facility. Although the complainant had depleted the facility of all the cash and inventory upon his departure, he felt he was within the terms of the contract by dropping off a resignation letter and keys at the local district office within 48 hours. The grievance board met on January 27 and considered the issue and even though the language in the rule was somewhat ambiguous its intent was clear and in a 4 to 1 decision they agreed with the agency in that they acted correctly in revoking the vendors license.

In regard to the 120 hearing the complainant disagreed with the grievance boards ruling on October 6, 2011 in which the board unanimously agreed to uphold the agencys decision to terminate the LOFA for failure to properly maintain the vending machines on his route. On November 1, 2011 the complainant asked for a 120 hearing which was scheduled for January 19, 2012. A few days prior to the scheduled date the complainant claimed that he was not notified of the date and time and asked for it to be rescheduled. The 120 hearing is now scheduled for May 3, 2012.

In regard to arbitration hearing, the claimant disagreed with the grievance boards ruling of February 11, 2012 in which the board agreed with agencys decision not to reimburse the claimant for losses of $5,000 - $6,000 due to break ins at his facility. Although the claimant acknowledges that he owes the agency $8,423 as a result of depleting the facility of all working capital upon his departure he refused the agencys offer of forgiveness of his debt. He is requesting over $7,000 in a cash settlement. An arbitration hearing is currently in the process of being scheduled.

Bill Findley reported on the result of a legal action taken on behalf of Lonnie Wilcox. The cafeteria in his facility had installed vending machines in direct competition with his vending. Maureen Fink looked into the matter and had the machines removed. Our legal people contacted the US Department of Education. The end result was that US Post Office made an offer of restitution in the amount of $57,000. We felt that the offer wasnt high enough. They offered $70,000. The agency and Mr. Wilcox have agreed to the offer and a settlement agreement is in progress.

We are also taking action against a couple of vendors who have retired from the program owing the agency money.

Selection Results - Alan Risk

There were seven opportunities in the January selection cycle and there were seven applicants. One applicant withdrew and one applicant was found ineligible due to a tax lien leaving us with five qualified applicants. Of the five applicants three were awarded opportunities.

Rest area in St. Lucie county was awarded to Genny Greene
The cafeteria in the Broward County Govt Center in Ft. Lauderdale was awarded to Rose Guillaume
Both of these opportunities were accepted.
The Federal Corrections Institute in Miami was awarded to Jennifer Zavala
Jennifer is visiting FCI to see if she wishes to accept the facility.

Opportunities that not awarded were the Blackwater River Correctional Institute in Milton, Brooksville vending route, the Bradenton vending route, and the snack bar in Miami. The next cycle is to be posted May 15.

ATM Pilot Program - JW Brinkley
JW Brinkley of ATM Solutions explained the ATM pilot program. When they place an ATM at a facility the operator receives a $1 per transaction. Historically it takes about 90 days for customers to start using a new ATM. The company needs 10 transactions a day to break even. If the minimum usage needed is not reached within 120 days they can dissolve the contract. ATM solutions would be willing to set up ATMs in other facilities such as over the counter operations. We are one month into the pilot and results have been disappointing. They are promoting the program on trucker websites.

Cash Manager program - Michael Elliott
Michael Elliott demonstrated Cash Manager made by Accomplish. This is an accounting program that has been adapted for the visually impaired.

Working Capital - Maureen Fink, Bill Findley

Over the years a number of people have left the program owing us money. We have not been successful in collecting money that is owed and are now looking at what we can do to reduce our exposure to loss. Operators with higher working capital have not been responsive to our request to lower their capital amounts. We can reassess facilities during a changeover and lower or increase the working capital as needed.

There are two issues:

  1. Can we reduce the working capital in a LOFA with current vendors?
  2. Can we require all vendors to pay down their working capital?

Some people who are retiring do not feel obligated to pay back their working capital. Active facilities currently have $960,000 in working capital invested. Bill detailed some of the larger amounts invested in individual facilities. Our legal department advised us that if there is a compelling reason we can require vendors to pay down their initial working capital, that the LOFA can be amended. Charles Hackney suggested that we require vendors to be bonded. Bonding is an insurance policy against loss. There was a concern that some vendors may not qualify for bonding. The committee debated how this would be handled and who would be required to be bonded; new vendors only or all vendors. People with higher working capitals may be willing to pay it down if we require them to be bonded to reduce the cost of bonding. Bernie Kaiserian expressed concern that if we lowered working capital there would not be enough for the next operator. We have people in the program who owe us working capital from previous facilities. All but one is currently making payments. Most have paid it off.

Region 4 Facility Reorganization - Stephen Holland
We recommended that Facility 374 be attached to Facility 500 operated by Tom Saunders. Tom will be losing a location along with his storage on this route. This addition will help maintain his current income. Kurt Ponchak made the motion and it was seconded by Gyorke Alger. The motion passed without objection.

It was suggested that we attach Facility 265, 1313 North Tampa St, to Facility 396 operated by James Warth. We could have an addendum that would separate the facility should the population increase. Tom recommended that 265 be attached without conditions. Kurt Ponchak made the motion and Charles Hackney seconded. Motion passed without objection.

Facility 124 is currently operated by Joey Garcia. Dennis Horn questioned the viability of this facility. Readings have been taken and we believe it will be a good starter facility for a new operator. Kurt Ponchak moved that we leave 124 as a stand-alone facility. Charles Hackney seconded. No vote was needed because there is no change in status of this facility.

Moving Vending Machines - Region 5
Chadwick spoke with Regina Johnson concerning alternatives to Browning in Region 5. He was referred to Fister as a vendor but they were not responsive to his request. We will continue to look at alternatives but consultant should make sure to communicate all their requirements when scheduling a move. We will look at regional moving contracts. John suggested that a contract include set up and installation. Currently it takes several different groups to accomplish a move. Bill and Maureen will advise the committee on the contract in May.

Adjourned for the day at 5pm.

Tom Spiliotis called the meeting to order at 8:35am on Saturday, March 10, 2012. John Klindtworth conducted a roll call.

LOFA Monitoring Update - Lawrence Batterton

Twenty facilities were monitored in 2011, and an additional twelve have been completed in 2012 with ten more scheduled over the next couple of weeks. It is important to do inventories and meter readings. Logging your meter reading and keeping your Z tapes will make a visit with an auditor go much easier. There is some concern about vendors who have additional private vending businesses combining totals and paying sales tax on both. Some vendors are adding the mileage charges from repairs for a private business to the agency bill. Operators with a private business should keep the businesses separate.

On Line Reporting - Bill Findley
Bill read a statement from Paul Harbin about the security of on-line reporting that indicated the system is very secure and numerous safeguards are in place.  Dennis Horn expressed concern regarding vendor responsibility if the system goes down and suggested having language added to the manual to protect the vendor from penalty if they are unable to meet the deadline through no fault of their own.  Bill stated that additional monitoring is in place on the server to prevent this from happening, but if an operator has a problem submitting a report they should call or email to have a record of the delay.  The vendor will be held harmless if technical difficulties result in a late monthly report. Dennis said that he would forward a suggestion for wording to be included in the manual.  It was also suggested that instructions for reporting technical problems be included.  Bill advised that there are currently 72 people that are signed up for on line reporting.

Manual Section 5.6 - Kurt Ponchak

Kurt Ponchak recommended that items required in the operation of an over the counter facility for sanitizing and cleaning count as inventory during a changeover. Kurt moved that the agency add a line item to the working capital document to include cleaning supplies as inventory with the provision that it should not exceed more than 2% of the total merchandise inventory value. Seconded by Randall Crosby. Motion was passed without objection.

Manual Update - Alan Risk

The Office of the Inspector General recommended that we include standards for records retention for vendors in the Manual and other documentation. After researching the requirements by other agencies such as the IRS, we are recommending that vendors hold on to their records for 7 years. We will be changing Manual Section 1.4 to be more agency specific. We would then add an additional section that addresses vendor retention of records. Wording as follows: the licensee must maintain copies of all documentation supporting information provided on their monthly reports and make them available upon request to duly authorized agents of the licensor for review. The licensee must maintain such records for a minimum of seven years to insure the compliance of record retention requirements of other agencies such as the IRS.

Motion was made by Joel Rose, and seconded by Kurt Ponchak. Motion was passed without objection.

The new manual is available in an audio version on the website. The Daytona Beach library can also make it available in a digital format upon request. Tom requested that a dozen copies be made in a digital or CD format. Alan suggested that they be sent to the state office. Kurt suggested that it be added to the catalog. Alan will follow up.

CEUs - Alan Risk

There is a spreadsheet available to consultants with the CEU information on all vendors. Workshops with Crane are worth .5 CEUs. Vendors received up to 1.5 CEUs for attending the biennial conference. New licensees are not required to keep up with the CEUs in the two year period between the Biennial conferences since they just came out of training. There are number of courses from Hadley that are worth 2 - 3 CEUs. We are also paying registration fees for vendors who wish to attend national conferences such as BLAST or Sagebrush. The fiscal department requires that we verify attendance. You cannot get credit for attending an identical event more than once in same 2 year period.

Tom suggested that we allow vendors to carry a limited number of CEUs over. This would only apply to educational, technical or Hadley courses, subject to approval by agency on a case by case basis, with a maximum of two CEUs. CEUs would carry forward into the next two year cycle. National conventions or functions would not apply. Final Language will be available by the next meeting.

Moved by Kurt Ponchak, seconded by Dennis Horn. Motion passed without objection.

Kurt asked that the timeline for CEUS be in the manual. Time period will start with the Biennial seminar and finish with (but not include) the next Biennial seminar.

District Updates - All committee members

District 5 - Dennis Horn
The two issues that his district had questions about have already been discussed - the ATM pilot program and on-line reporting. One vendor in District 5 is concerned about the downsizing of his route due to post office closures. Dennis has had trouble reaching vendor Cliff Phillips. He wanted to make sure he knew about the CEU requirement. Lawrence Batterton and Greg Coon have been in touch with Cliff Phillips and suggested Hadley courses. Greg will also list it on his visitation report.

District 9 - Joel Rose
Joel welcomed Rose Guillaume and advised her to wait before making changes at the facility she will be taking over later in March.

Joel expressed concern about post office closures and how it would affect David Kaplans and his own routes. Joel will have some presence in his post office and has other buildings, but David will not have anything if his post office closes. Joel inquired into agency policy concerning displaced vendors. Alan Risk read the Manual section 4.0 indicating that the BBE may elect to award a facility outside of the selection process if a vendor is adversely affected through no fault of his own.

District 1 - Marcus Armstrong
The concerns in his area have already been addressed earlier in the meeting: the Crestview rest area and the security issues, Mike Sumler and his water permit at Eglin AFB and charges for electricity at Saufley field. Everyone else is okay.

District 6 - Randall Crosby
Greg Coon advised the committee about most of the issues in District 6. Randall told about the recent Cash Mob at his facility. Regular customers encouraged everyone to patronize his business on specified day. That days business was doubled.

District 10 - Jesus Villeda
The Federal courthouse is going to all vending. Twenty-two machines will be going into the Customs building at the Miami Airport when that is officially acquired. Jennifer Zavala visited to look at the prison. They have a number of Type IIs in the area. One vendor is concerned about a vending machine that has required repair on several occasions.

District 2 - Kurt Ponchak
District 2 had a meeting via conference call. There was positive feedback about communication in the district. They discussed changes in the manual and liability insurance changes in regard to interstates. Kurt would like to do meetings after hours to encourage participation. He recommended confidentially training concerning trainees. He would like to be kept apprised of any consultant duty changes.

District 7 - Charles Hackney
There are not many problems in District 7. Tom Saunders has had problems with the new Crane vending machines. There was discussion on the pros and cons of Crane machines and the possibility of ending the contract. Overall the vendors have not been happy with the newer models of Crane machines. We have done well with AMS machines in part because we have a contact with the distributor and they call the manager to discuss set up of the machine.

District 3 - Mark Turner, Alternate
Mark Turner is filling in for Don Tuell. District 3 is all rest areas except for one vending route in Gainesville and one very small snack bar. There is a post office in Gainesville on the closing list but they may move postal carriers into this building.

District 8 - Gyorke Alger
Everyone seems to be okay in her district. Richard Draper has brought the Bradenton route back to life.

District 4 - Bill Perret
We already have discussed the Jacksonville area. He is glad that Rob McClaskey, district alternate was able to attend the meeting.

Tom Spiliotis adjourned the meeting at 11:30am.

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