Quarterly State Committee of Vendors Meeting

Embassy Suites, International Drive, Orlando - December 7-8, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Tom Spiliotis at on Friday, December 7 at 9am.
John Klindtworth called the roll. The following persons were present:

Tom Spiliotis, Chairman; John Klindtworth, Vice Chairman

District Representatives: District 1-Marcus Armstrong; District 2-Kurt Ponchak; District 3-Don Tuell; District 5-Dennis Horn; District 6-Brian McKenney, Alternate; District 7-Charles Hackney; District 8-Catherine "Gyorke" Alger; District 9-Joel Rose. District 4 and District 10 were not represented.

Bureau of Business Enterprise Staff: William "Bill" Findley, Bureau Chief; Maureen Fink, Operations Manager; Alan Risk, Compliance Officer; Janet Chernoff, Administrative Services Consultant; Don Meloy, Marketing-Site Development Manager; Lawrence Batterton, Government Analyst; John Ahler, Region 1 Consultant; Bernie Kaiserian, Region 2 Consultant; Gregory Coon, Region 3 Consultant; Anthony Arduengo, Region 4 Consultant; James Carper, Region 5 Consultant; Chadwick Duncan, Region 6 Consultant

Licensed Vendors: David Kaplan (Alternate, District 9), Michel Renaud (Alternate, District 2), Tom Saunders, Patty Fulda, Victor Rosario, Jose Formoso, Jim Warth, Kathy Warth, Woody Matthews, Shirley Smart, Mitzi Tyler

Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired: Steven Moss, Jill Richardson; Instructors
Trainees: Bruce Coleman, Erica Ferrier

Guests: Dolores Lambert, DJ Hackney, Marion Matthews

Bill introduced the newest BBE staff member, Anthony Arduengo, the new consultant for Region 4. He will be working out of the Tampa office. Anthony is a military veteran having served in Iraq.

A synopsis of the August meeting minutes was read by Janet Chernoff. The full minutes had been emailed to the committee previously. Kurt Ponchak moved to accept the minutes. Seconded by Gyorke Alger. Passed without objection by the voting committee members present.

BBE Updates - Bill Findley

Bill Findley updated the committee members on activities in the BBE. Bill first explained that a last minute project required all BBE staff to put all projects on hold the week of Thanksgiving and the week following to fill out insurance information forms on all the locations where the BBE had equipment. The BBE staff was assisted by DBS staff and vendors and was able to complete the project.

Bill Findley and attorney Charles Pellegrini attended a seminar in Philadelphia on November 29th entitled "Unraveling the Mysteries of Randolph Sheppard". About 70 people, including the Assistant Attorney's Generals that provide legal oversight for the program in some states, attorneys and program heads attended the seminar. Information was provided on military dining and team partnering and it was recommended that the Federal Business Opportunities website should be checked regularly. Branding was also discussed and there may be an opportunity for BBE programs to partner with Starbucks.

We are still working on expanding our presence in the VA. We have been provided with contact names in the VA and have been invited to visit the new facility in Cape Coral. We have placed machines in a VA clinic in Jacksonville. Recently we were able to provide information and research on the VA as well as documentation on our attempts to contact the right people at the VA to Terry Smith, consultant for the NFB Entrepreneurs Initiative, for a hearing in Washington DC.

Dennis Horn suggested that if we continue to have problems with the VA and other government agencies concerning our right to be in their facilities we may wish to hire an outside attorney to pursue this for us. Kurt Ponchak agreed that outside council may be something we will want to look into at some point.

Bill provided information on the financial status of the BBE program. We were allotted $3,749,450 including salaries, expenses, capital outlay, vending stands and Eglin AFB. Our total expenditures for July - November 2012 have been $1,225, 380 which includes $117,471.00 for Eglin AFB. Overall the program is in good shape and there are no real problems. It was agreed that for future meetings a finance committee will meet with agency personnel and will provide a concise report to the committee.

Alan Risk reported that we will begin tracking repairs by machine using inventory numbers. This will allow us to determine whether a piece of equipment should be repaired or replaced. If the equipment does not have an inventory number a description should be included on the reimbursement form. Repair invoices older than sixty days will not be reimbursed.

Type II - Maureen Fink

Currently we have a total of 22 Type IIs. A few of these facilities will be combined into one facility at this meeting and a number will be included on the next selection cycle.

The Type II panel consists of the Committee Chairman or his or her designee, a Business Consultant, and the Administrative Services Consultant. Recently the Committee voted that the Consultant used should be from a region other than the region where the facility is located. There was a request to edit the ruling to read the Administrative Services Consultant or his or her designee. Kurt Ponchak moved to accept the change. Seconded by Dennis Horn. Passed without objection by the voting committee members present.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance - Tom Spiliotis/Alan Risk

During the last selection cycle the question was raised whether an operator was out of compliance because he did not have commercial vehicle insurance for a vending route. Research revealed that there is no legal requirement for a vendor to have commercial vehicle insurance and only adequate vehicle insurance is required. Those vendors not carrying commercial insurance may risk having a claim denied but the decision on the type and amount of insurance is between the operator and their insurance agent. It was decided that the LOFA adequately covers this by the phrase "and other policies required by law".

LOFA Monitoring Update - Lawrence Batterton

With the exception of a few all the operators with facilities for a year or more have been monitored. The last few will be done the first of the year.
We have been made aware of a requirement by the Department of Agriculture that all storage facilities, except those on federal property, need to have a permit from the Department of Agriculture. These permits are $365 per year per storage unit. Enforcement of this policy is sporadic and a number of interstate locations have never been visited. The vendor is supposed to advise the Department of Agriculture of the storage unit so that they can inspect it and determine whether they need a permit. On occasion a vendor is told that it is not worth the time to visit their operation. In this case the vendor should make a note of this with the name of person contacted, date and time. Not having the proper permits is a compliance issue and will be noted on the monitoring report and on the consultant report during the selection process.

There has been an increase in sales in facilities that have been monitored. There has also been an increase in the number of vendors doing inventories. Maureen will be doing inventory training in several locations after the first of the year. Vendors that attend inventory training will receive .5 CEU.

Daytona Training - Steve Moss/Janet Chernoff

Currently there are two trainees in class at Daytona Beach, Bruce Coleman and Erica Ferrier. We started to use the cafeteria in training with the previous class. Four trainees, Ron Light, Carla Chambers, Cecil Tesmer, and Pauline Bush finished training on November 16th. Ron Light is doing OJT with Bill McDermott at Facility 590, the Douglas building cafeteria in Tallahassee; Carla Chambers is with Debbie Hietala at Facility 31 in the Hillsborough County Courthouse and Cecil Tesmer is with Darryl Brinton at Facility 33 in the Duval County courthouse in Jacksonville. Pauline Bush will start OJT with Hugh Mansfield at Facility 564 at Blount Island after the first of the year.

Compliance Officer Report - Alan Risk

Seven new operators have been licensed since the August meeting: Tom Loveday, Woody Matthews, Raye McCoy, Diane Rowe, Will Grignon, Mary Ann Alexander, and Emmett Magee. Out of the nineteen new licensees in 2012 twelve have facilities, one had their LOFA cancelled and six are awaiting opportunities.

In the September Selection cycle five opportunities were available. Twenty-one applications were received, one person was ineligible to bid, four withdrew, and two did not qualify for the interview phase. Two operators were awarded the facility they currently operated on a Type II; Kimberly Morris, Facility 470, Snack Bar in Tallahassee, and Kurt Ponchak, Facility 593, Non-Highway vending in Tallahassee. Two operators were awarded new facilities; Tom Saunders, Facility 433, Interstate rest area, I-275, St Petersburg and Jim Anderson, Facility 507, Interstate rest area on I-95, Palm Bay. One unassigned operator was awarded a facility; Sebastian Lenares, Facility 513, Non-Highway vending route, Jacksonville. January selection cycle opportunities will be posted no later than January 15, 2013.
To date all operators are reporting on online. Seven vendors have no CEUs and fifteen vendors have less than 2 CEUs. District reps are encouraged to talk to their members about the importance of getting CEU credit. Alan will provide a status update to District Representatives upon request. Business Consultants will note a vendor's status in regard to CEUs on their visitation report. We will continue to advise vendors of opportunities to obtain CEU credits. Operators who do not have 3 CEUs prior to the Biennial Seminar in August 2013 may risk losing their facility.

Alan is investigating the ability of vendors to take the selection test on line. The main concern is the availability of computers to take the test. Several suggestions were offered and we will continue to look into this as a possible option for future selection cycles.

BBE Road Trip - All Staff

In September and October of this year BBE staff visited Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Miami and provided a four hour seminar on a variety of topics that allowed vendors to get .5 CEU credit. Overall 72.5% of the vendors attended the seminar. As a result of suggestions received at the seminar the BBE has begun a test program that will eventually allow vendors to submit reimbursements on line.

Manual Revisions - Alan Risk/Kurt Ponchak

At the August meeting a suggested revision of section 4.0 was tabled so that the wording could be worked on. A revision had been suggested to clarify that a vendor must give up his current Type I LOFA when he accepts a Type I LOFA at a new facility. Further investigation found that the LOFA clearly states that a vendor must give up their current Type I when they sign the new LOFA so revision of 4.0 in the manual was not required. A committee consisting of Gyorke Alger, Kurt Ponchak, and Don Tuell will review the LOFA and section 7.3 of the manual and report to the committee on recommended revisions.

Selection and Grievance Panel Elections - Tom Spiliotis

Debby Malmberg's term on the Selection Panel is up the end of this year and she is willing to serve again. Kurt moved to reelect Debby to the Selection Panel. Seconded by Joel Rose. Passed without objection. Currently we have three alternates for the Grievance Panel, David Stevens, David Kaplan and Kathy Warth but we need alternates for the selection panel. Kurt Ponchak suggested Gyorke Alger as an alternate for the selection panel and she is willing to serve. Kurt moved to confirm Gyorke as an alternate, seconded by Dennis Horn. Passed without objection. Shirley Smart was suggested as an alternate by Joel Rose. Gyorke moved to confirm Shirley as an alternate to the selection panel, seconded by Joel. Passed without objection. Mike Renaud volunteered to be an alternate. Kurt Ponchak moved to confirm Mike Renaud, seconded by Don Tuell. Mike gave a synopsis of his background. Passed without objection.

Grievance Report and Legal Actions- Alan Risk/Bill Findley

Three grievances have been filed, one was withdrawn and two were presented to a Grievance Panel.

1st Grievance - the complainant disagreed with the Division's decision in the awarding of a temporary LOFA. The complainant felt discriminated against because they have over 20 years of experience in the BBE with no complaints but were denied the Type II opportunity due to their limited experience with the specific type of facility in question. Outcome: The Grievance Board voted unanimously to uphold the decision to award the temporary LOFA for the following reasons: Time constraints for getting to and from facility, uncertainty of having someone available to accept deliveries and protecting the integrity of both facilities.

2nd Grievance - the complainant disagreed with the Division's decision in the awarding of a Type I LOFA because the Selection Panel was not aware of an alleged compliance issue concerning the vendor awarded the facility. Outcome: the complainant decided to withdraw the grievance.

3rd Grievance - the complainant disagreed with the Division decision in the awarding of a Type I LOFA. The complainant felt that they were denied performance points due to situations beyond their control. The complainant further felt that the Selection Panel was bias in their recommendation due to a negative reflection of character by the Division. The complainant believed the Division should have made an administrative appointment due to the adverse conditions of their case. The Grievance Board voted unanimously to uphold the Agency decision for the following reasons: The applicant that was awarded the facility in question had a higher overall score. The performance points in question were not a deciding factor in the overall score. Based on the information presented there was no compelling evidence or proof of prejudice by the Panel toward the complainant.

Arbitration Ruling
Grievance - the complainant disagreed with the Grievance Board's ruling in February 2011 in which the Board agreed with the agency decision not to reimburse the claimant for losses due to a break in at their facility. Ruling: The Arbitration Panel in a 2-1 vote felt the Agency was 60% liable for losses and delivered the following opinion: The Division will rescind revocation of the Operator License and the complainant will receive a monetary award of $8,674.06 as calculated by projected loss of gross sales over the last 8 months of operation, in addition to forgiveness of the operator's outstanding working capital debt. The Division is currently appealing the ruling of the Arbitration Panel.

The last page of Arbitration shows how amount was determined:
- Award based upon operator's lost revenue over last 8 months in facility (Oct. 2010 - Apr 2011).
- Average gross sales in previous two years was $6,205.58 per month.
- 8 months x $6,205.58 = $49,644.64
- Projected 40% net profit on this amount = $19,857.86
- Beginning working capital ($5,400.08) subtracted from this amount, leaving $14,456.78
- BBE determined to be 60% liable for this loss.
- 60% of 14,456.78 = $8,674.06

In summary, Working Capital for this facility has already been figured into to award, so in essence his debt on this facility is to be forgiven in addition to the settlement. However, the operator still owes over $3K from his previous facility.

Monthly Business Reports-Bill Findley/Alan Risk

The possibility of a fee for late monthly reports was discussed. A number of other states have some type of late fee. Options were discussed. Filing two consecutive late monthly reports or three in a year is a breach of contract. One suggestion was to deduct points for late monthly reports when a vendor applies for a facility. This would only be a penalty to vendors who wish to apply for other facilities. Maureen suggested that we monitor the situation over the next three months.

Two tier Cashless pricing and Cafi to Go Evolution Fastcorp Machine - Dennis Horn

Dennis advised the committee that the capital expenditures write off will expire the end of this year. He also shared information on a credit card program offered through Sam's and briefly discussed his success with the Cafi to Go machine at the TSA. He feels that two tier pricing in vending machines works well and thinks that customers do not mind paying extra to be able to use a credit/debit card..

Ice Cream Machine purchasing proposal - Bill Findley

The division has proposed purchasing an ice cream machine for any vendor who would like to replace a machine that is at least 10 years old. We will also purchase machines for those vendors who do not have a machine and have the space available at their facility. It was proposed that we start after July 1, 2013. Maureen Fink will gather information on the age and number of current machines during the equipment inventory which will give us a database on how many machines we will need to purchase.

Sales Tax - Alan Risk

Alan Risk advised the committee members that vendors have to pay sales tax on repair invoices. If an operator pays an invoice for parts or parts and labor they must may sales tax. If the invoice is for labor only no sales tax is charged. Purchases made by an individual on behalf of the organization are taxable, even if the individual will be reimbursed by the organization. It is the operator's responsibility to make sure they are being charged the appropriate sales tax.

Credit card fees as Business Expenses, Security Cameras - Tom Spiliotis

There was a brief discussion about whether security cameras should be reimbursable or count as business expense on the monthly report. A number of rest areas have been vandalized. Bernie recommended that we should have standards for security in regard to locking hasps and other accommodations that will protect the machines and make sure that they are installed on all our machines. A subcommittee on security will look into this further.

It was agreed that credit card fees should be allowable as a business expense. There was a discussion about what fees should be covered and whether vendors with machines with two tier pricing should be allowed to deduct the fee as a business expense. Kurt Ponchak will work with Gyorke Alger on precisely what will be allowable and the committee will vote on it via conference call.

Marketing & Site Development - Don Meloy

We were unsuccessful in our bid for opportunities in the JEA, South Florida Water Management District and the Coast Guard. In Palm Beach County they asked us if we would be willing to do the vending for the county at multiple locations and we accepted. The scope of work for a third party vending machine service to replace Visinity is still in process. We continue to pursue opportunities in the VA. Bill Findley was advised at the recent Randolph-Sheppard conference in Philadelphia that we should have a "veterans preference" to help encourage opportunities in the VA as well as to encourage visually impaired veterans to enter the program. We are pursuing opportunities at the Florida National Guard, Citizen's Insurance, TSA locations, community colleges and Goodwill Stores.

Viability of Individual Locations - Joel Rose

Joel Rose expressed concern about Agency investment in locations that are not very lucrative. He recommended a minimum of 150 people in a location before investing money in equipment for those locations. We look at a number of variables when deciding to add a location including the population and its proximity to a route. If a location is later determined not be viable the machine can be moved.

Facility Reorganizations- Region 2 - Bernie Kaiserian

Facility 585 is a small snack bar with vending located in the Millhopper Branch of the Gainesville Library. The snack bar has been closed and the current operator has left the program. We would like to add the vending from Facility 585 to Facility 525, Gainesville vending route. Don Tuell moved to combine the vending to Facility 525. Seconded by Kurt Ponchak. Passed without objection.

We would like to combine Facility 271, Jacksonville Post Office with Facility 590, Healthy Vending Route. The route spans Duval, Nassau, Clay counties and includes City of Jacksonville, post office, federal and state locations. We will also be adding the Army Corp of Engineers location to this route. The facility should generate about $16,000 - $18,000 per month. The route will require rented storage and a large truck. Kurt Ponchak moved to combine the routes, seconded by Charlie Hackney. Passed without objection.

Facility Reorganization - Region 3 -Greg Coon

We would like to combine the two KSC vending routes, Facility 497 and 499. Each route is currently generating about $7,500 per month in total sales. Seven locations at KSC have closed since September and three more buildings are expected to be closed in the near future. NASA has requested that we combine these facilities. Kurt Ponchak moved to combine Facility 497 and 499. Seconded by Dennis Horn. Passed without objection.

Facility Reorganization - Region 6 - Chadwick Duncan

Three facilities, 117, 294, and 359 have all been converted from a snack bar to vending. Currently all three facilities are being operated by Shirley Taylor. We plan to add six post offices to this route and make it a downtown Miami vending route. All three locations have storage. Tom Spiliotis requested that Chadwick provide the committee with geographic guidelines for this route. Kurt moved to combine the three routes. Seconded by Gyorke Alger. Passed without objection

Regional Status/District Updates

Region 1 - John Ahler/Janet Chernoff
Robert Gary signed into Facility 587, Blackwater River Correctional Institute in Milton. He is doing well and the prison has given him storage. He has a Fastcorp machine and a freezer. Lourena Mellott moved into the base side of Saufley Field last month. Seventeen machines were added and the old snack bar will be converted into storage and she will have a coffee machine and a cold food machine. The Panama City Naval Station contacted us when they realized that they were out of compliance with Randolph-Sheppard. They will be sending us commissions. There is potential in Panama City for a vending route which would include the base along with some state buildings. Pensacola Naval is getting ready to bid out their vending and they have been receptive to negotiating with us directly. There is potential for a second Pensacola vending route. We are willing to pay them a commission.

Kurt Ponchak, Facility 593, Tallahassee vending route and Kim Morris, Facility 470, Fort Knox snack bar were both awarded a Type I on the facilities they have been running on Type IIs. Emmett Magee took over Facility 273, the Collins Building snack bar on a Type II at the beginning of December. The current operator Richard Stevens had resigned his facility and is taking a break from the program. Wanda Feldsteen is slowly improving the business at Facility 320, Claude Pepper cafeteria and Bill McDermott continues to build the business at Facility 591, the cafeteria at the Douglas Building.

Plans are proceeding with the coffee shop on the 16th floor of the Turlington Building in Tallahassee. Our ultimate goal is to have a licensed vendor operate the facility in the Turlington Building at some future stage.

District 1 - Marcus Armstrong
Everything is going okay. They are trying to limit his access at the prison. He can go in at 7am and 11am and can't be there when the prisoners are there.

District 2 - Kurt Ponchak
Kurt had nothing to add.

Region 4 - Tony Arduengo/Maureen Fink
Tony will be looking at opportunities in Cape Coral, James Haley Hospital, MacDill and Rattlesnake Point. He would also like to develop a Polk County vending route.

Tom Saunders will be taking over Facility 433, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on December 10th. Woody Matthews signed into Tom Saunders old route, Facility 500 on November 30th. The operator of Facility 180, Ft. Myers vending route resigned. We did not have a vendor to operate the route so currently a third party; Cadillac Vending is running it under the Visinity contract. We will offer it on the January bid cycle.

District 7 - Charles Hackney
Charlie requested that commercial vehicle insurance for non-highway vending or highway vending without storage qualify as a business expense on the monthly report. Charlie made the motion and it was seconded by Marcus Armstrong. Passed without objection.

Charlie also stressed the importance of operators being involved in blindness organizations and business organizations such as NAMA or the Florida Restaurant Association. He also indicated there are many networking opportunities with local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce.

District 8 -Gyorke Alger
Gyorke welcomed Tom Saunders to District 8.

Region 5 - Jim Carper
Jim is still working on reorganizing the three routes in his region. He will be meeting with the Palm Beach Parks on Monday to schedule installation of machines in 19 locations. He will also be adding eight post office locations to Jim Perry's route, Facility 257. Five post offices and two federal locations were added to Joel's route, Facility 501 and eight locations were added to Alicia Villeda's route, Facility 547. Jim is reorganizing these three routes along geographic lines and the committee will vote next time on the boundaries for these routes.

Renovations are finished on Don Gerschick's facility, Facility 469, Palm Beach County Courthouse snack bar. Don had his highest sales in October of this year since March 2010. Don Felder added an ATM machine to his location, Facility 508, I-75 rest area. He is using the same company as Joel Rose uses.

There was a brief discussion amongst the committee about the ATM pilot program at interstate facilities. Recently ATM Solutions dropped the commission by 50% for participating vendors. This was not the rate that was agreed upon and the change is unacceptable.

District 9 - Joel Rose
Joel confirmed that Don Gerschick is very excited about the completed renovations. Joel also has continued to have problems with Browning. Browning did not have the experience or the correct equipment to complete a recent move and they had to reschedule.

Region 2 - Bernie Kaiserian
Facility 33, Duval County Courthouse snack bar is up and running. Sales have increased in the new building and the menu is more upscale. Operator Darryl Brinton is doing OJT training with Cecil Tesmer. Sebastian Lenares will be taking over Facility 513, Downtown Jacksonville vending route. The VA clinic will be added to this route. The Marine Corp will be renovating Facility 564, Blount Island Cafeteria operated by Hugh Mansfield over the holidays. Hugh has been doing well at this facility and has netted over $35,000 this year. New vendor Junior Vega is doing well at Facility 569, cafeteria at the FAA at Hilliard and had sales of $10,000 in October. Ray Richards in doing well with his Type II, Facility 389, vending route on NAS Jacksonville. Troy Arthur is running the Lake City route, Facility 599 on a Type II. Bernie will have two routes on the January selection cycle, Facility 389, NAS vending route and Facility 590, the new combined Greater Jacksonville vending route.

District 3 - Don Tuell
Don had nothing to add.

Region 3 - Greg Coon
Jim Anderson was awarded Facility 507, I-95 rest area at Palm Bay and his previous location, Facility 408, I-95 rest area at Mims has been awarded to Shirley Zonnevylle on a Type II. Facility 586, Orlando vending route is struggling with the loss of a couple of buildings. The state is consolidating the populations of a number of smaller buildings. The new courthouse will have a population of 650+ people and the nearby annex will have an additional 250+ people. There will be 4000 square feet for vending and storage available. Sales have increased at the Orlando TSA, Facility 596 and should eventually get to the expected level of $5,000 per month. Phil Hubbard in the Orlando Cafeteria, Facility 378 has increased sales by 20%. We are slowly renovating the cafeteria and have added equipment and replaced the grease trap and will look at restructuring the serving line. In KSC the snack bars are maintaining their business. The HQ wing could close within the year. We are renovating Facility 403, a snack bar operated by Robert Gagne, which will be close to the new food court. In August we sent a letter to the Director Robert Cabana asking for his support of the program. Although he responded positively it has not resulted in any changes.

District 5 - Dennis Horn
Everything is okay. TSA had originally requested two people with the truck but now allows him to use only one person.

District 6 - Brian McKenney, Alternate
Bob Murray is doing okay and sends his regards.

Region 6 - Chadwick Duncan
A staff member at Jesus Villeda's facility had an accident and he was already short staffed so he could not attend the committee meeting. The alternate, Lillian Pemberton did not have time to make arrangements to attend.

Daniel Ochoa, Facility 455, snack bar in downtown Miami, has increased the daily sales from $250 to $600. When Daniel first took over they closed off the vending area, but space has been found for vending on the 5th floor. At Facility 597, US Customs, they moved our vending into a corner by the door which vastly decreased the sales. Since then they have compromised and moved the vending to a better location. This location should have sales of about $8,000 per month. Jennifer Zavala, Facility 512; is doing much better than the previous vendors. The prison is trying to limit her access to the facility to two hours at a time. The prison also has tried to take away her storage. Chadwick sent a letter to the prison and has not received a response but the vendor still has storage in the facility. Chadwick decided to close Facility 227, Revitoco Building snack bar currently operated on a Type II by Jesus Villeda. This facility has had declining sales in part because the building would not allow the operator to post any signage. The Real Estate office requested that we reopen the snack bar and has invested $600 in signage to build the business. Chadwick was offered the vending in a building currently being constructed behind his office. Facility 510, Krome Detention Center wants to go cashless and is trying to get our vendor out of the detainee side. We can go with a cashless system and will continue to work on this. Louis Ritter is operating Facility 600, Hialeah vending route, on a Type II. Currently this route has 11 locations and Chadwick will continue to add locations to the route.

Round Table Discussion - All

Jim Warth indicated that the current Crane vending machine, the merchant six, is a poor quality machine and is not blind friendly. Both he and Tom Saunders have had trouble. Dennis Horn has not had any trouble with the machine. Woody Matthews said that it is important that the machine is properly leveled. There was discussion about the pros and cons of the machines.
The meeting adjourned at 12:40pm.

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