Quarterly State Committee of Vendors Meeting

Embassy Suites Orlando, International Drive - Friday, May 3, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 9:00am by Committee Chairman Tom Spiliotis. Vice Chairman John Klindtworth called the roll.

The following persons were present:
Tom Spiliotis, Chairman
John Klindtworth, Vice Chairman

District Representatives: District 2-Michel Renaud, Alternate; District 3-Mark Turner, Alternate; District 4-Bill Perret; District 5-Dennis Horn; District 6-Brian McKenney, Alternate; District 7-Charles Hackney; District 8-Catherine Gyorke Alger; District 9-Joel Rose; District 10-Jesus Villeda. District 1 was not represented as the District Representative, Marcus Armstrong was unable to attend and the Alternate, Stephanie Zolin had insufficient notice to make plans.

Bureau of Business Enterprise Staff: William Bill Findley, Bureau Chief; Maureen Fink, Operations Manager; Alan Risk, Compliance Officer; Janet Chernoff, Administrative Services Consultant; Don Meloy, Marketing-Site Development Manager; Lawrence Batterton, Government Analyst; John Ahler, Region 1 Consultant; Bernie Kaiserian, Region 2 Consultant; Gregory Coon, Region 3 Consultant; Anthony Arduengo, Region 4 Consultant; James Carper, Region 5 Consultant; Alejandro Garcia, Region 6 Consultant.

Licensed Vendors: Tom Saunders, Mitzi Tyler, Troy Arthur, David Kaplan, Patty Fulda, Woody Matthews, Kathy Warth and Jim Warth.

Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired: Steven Moss, Jill Richardson; Instructors.
Trainees: Jason Carpenter, Reagan Reichert, Carlos Rodriguez, Gary Deavers, Tangela St. Surain and Arnold Eco.

Guests: Dolores Lambert, DJ Hackney, Nancy Spiliotis; Fred Bentley, Sunstate Vending; Greg Smith, USI.

Bill Findley introduced the new Region 6 Consultant, Alejandro Garcia to the group.

Janet Chernoff read a synopsis of the minutes of the March meeting. A full copy of the minutes had been emailed to the representatives previously. Joel Rose moved to accept the minutes as written. Seconded by Brian McKenney. Passed without objection by all the voting members present.

Tom Spiliotis advised the group that Bob Murray, operator of Facility 130, KSC snack bar has retired. The Type II panel met and decided to temporarily close the facility. The panel based this decision on several factors including the decreasing building population and the limited access to the facility. There was also the concern that the facility would be too much of a financial burden for a new licensee. We hope to reopen the facility at a later date.

BBE Updates  Bill Findley

Bill Findley gave an update on the current status of the BBE budget through April 29, 2013.  Of the grant for 1.5 million we have spent $1,051,802.03 and have another $227,512 committed leaving $220,685.09 in that account. Committed funds include contracts for cleaning, pest control, etc.  Some is also for Crane and Browning Moving. Funds are encumbered for these services but it is unlikely that we will spend all that is allotted.  Some of this money will be spent on equipment for the 16th floor snack bar and coffee shop in the Turlington Building.  This project has been delayed but we hoped to get the go ahead next week. Mike Renaud questioned the viability of the location.  We believe that it will be viable, but do not plan it as a stand-alone facility at this time.  It will be operated in conjunction with the Turlington Building cafeteria.
We have $595,000 in spending authority in the set-aside account.  Currently, $381,825.30 has been spent from the account and another $28,846.64 has been committed to be spent, leaving $184,328.06. We are expecting to take in about $450,000 into the set-aside account which also includes approximately $80,000 of third party income. The set-aside bank account is expected to have a surplus of $360,000 for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2013.  Bill and Tom explained that it is challenging to accurately budget for the BBE program as there can be unexpected repairs and factors such as weather related damage or break-ins that can impact expenses at rest areas. 

Joel Rose suggested that we purchase back-up machines with the surplus funds so that there would not be a delay if a new location becomes available. Some concerns about this were expressed as new equipment would need proper storage and equipment stored too long may no longer be under warranty when put in use. John Ahler suggested using the older equipment as back-up and putting new equipment into service.

Bill asked the committee if they would want to put a limit on the surplus funds we have on hand. Set aside monies can only be used for certain costs such as equipment, new facilities, management services, and repairs. Some of the surplus would be spent on ice cream machines for interstate rest areas.

Gyorke Alger recommended a temporary reduction in the set aside. This would be one option to reduce the surplus. The other option would be to do a refund to the operators but that would be a very complicated accounting procedure. There was discussion about how much to reduce the set aside and when it would start. It was recommended that the set aside be reduced by 1% for one year starting on July 1, 2013. Joel Rose suggested on checking the status after six months and Tom Spiliotis commented that we want to be sure to have enough money on hand for emergencies. Bill Findley confirmed that the 1% reduction would still leave ample surplus for emergencies and new locations. Alan Risk indicated that we would need to get approval from Washington DC to reduce the set aside but he didnt foresee a problem.

Gyorke Alger moved that effective July 1, 2013 the set aside be reduced by 1% for the fiscal year of 2013-14. Seconded by Dennis Horn. There was a short discussion about monitoring the budget and whether the word temporary should be included in the motion. Since the budget is under constant review, no additional monitoring is necessary. Passed without objection by all voting members present.
John Ahler asked how this would be addressed in regard to the LOFA. An addendum to the LOFA will need to be done.

Bill Findley asked Greg Coon, Region 3 Business Consultant to report on Kennedy Space Center. We continue to have concerns about competition to our facilities at KSC. The NASA Exchange has five gift shops that are selling snack foods, sandwiches and salads in direct competition with our vendors. It appears that Fresh Ideas, the company that was awarded the contract for food service may have left KFC and there are rumors of other food service being brought into the facility.

There was a discussion about our options. Option one is to prepare a list of complaints and remedies and send it to the Inspector General at NASA. Research shows that when other states have lodged complaints they have had favorable results. Option two is to hire outside legal counsel. Dennis Horn moved that the committee explore the hiring of outside legal representation to address issues negatively affecting the BBE. Seconded by Joel Rose. The motion was passed 7  1. District Three abstained and District One is not represented.

There has been no official notification by the VA in regard to Randolph Sheppard. Maureen Fink, Tony Arduengo, and Don Meloy visited a facility at Cape Coral. We have been offered a location there near the surgical waiting area and pharmacy. We will put in three machines. We have also been kept informed about the progress of the VA hospital in Orlando scheduled to open in April 2014. We expect to have the vending in this facility.

Legal options in regard to the VA were discussed. In other states legal action against the VA has not been productive as decisions made in favor of Randolph Sheppard have not been enforced. We need to continue to make contact and should get any locations when the vending is contracted out. We hope that things will change on a national level soon. John Klindtworth suggested that we need to get a foothold in VA locations and show that we can do a good job. Tom Spiliotis recommended that we continue to make contact with the VA and introduce them to successful vendors in the program.

At Facility 481, rest area at Alligator Alley, renovations will begin in July 2013.  Until recently we were not given the opportunity to give any input on the design and the operator had some concerns.  We established a good relationship with DOT when we responded positively to their requests in regard to ATMs and the SunPass transponder.  Because of this relationship DOT asked Maureen Fink for input on the design.  As a result of this input the rest area will have an expanded storage area and a single wall with vending on both sides. There are also plans to renovate the rest areas on I-10 in Leon County and to demolish and rebuild the rest areas in Jefferson County in 2015. All vendors to be affected have been notified and we will keep everyone updated as information is provided.

Sunstate Vending  Fred Bentley

Fred Bentley from Sunstate Vending and Greg Smith from USI spoke briefly to the group about their machines. They spoke about the features of their cold food machine and responded to questions about speech devices and servicing. Fred Bentley will personally arrange delivery of the machines and help with the installation.

Daytona Training  Steve Moss

Erica Ferrier is currently doing OJT with Don Gerschick and will finish on May 10, 2013. Jason Carpenter, Reagan Reichert, Carlos Rodriguez, and Veda Griffin will finish class on May 24, 2013. Three students; Gary Deavers, Arnold Eco and Tangela St. Surain began class five weeks ago. There was one additional student in this class who dropped out of training after the first week.

Type II Facilities  Maureen Fink

Currently there are 21 Type IIs. The snack bar at Revitoco, Facility 227 was closed this past week. Daniel Ochoa had been operating this facility on a Type II but facility was not generating enough income to justify the expense. Six to seven Type IIs will be available on the selection cycle and two other facilities are being operated until they are closed. This leaves eight to nine facilities that are being monitored to determine sales and then will either be posted as an opportunity or attached to an existing facility.

NFBEI Funding  Charles Hackney

Charles Hackney had the Region 4 Consultant, Tony Arduengo read from the NFBEI newsletter which focused on RSA gains and losses including those with the VA. Charlie also shared information on the NFBEI subscription at a cost of $3000.00 which would include the speaker fee and transportation for Terry Smith to speak at the Biennial seminar. Charlie recommended that the committee support this organization that helps the program on a national level. Dennis Horn questioned whether support of the NFBEI could be considered a political move and voiced the opinion that these types of groups are not very effective.

Charles Hackney moved that the committee should support the NFBEI and recommended that the committee give the NFBEI $5000.00. Tom Spiliotis requested a second of the motion. The motion failed for lack of a second.

Vending Machine Repairs  Tom Spiliotis

Recently the agency has begun tracking repairs on equipment to help determine when equipment should be replaced. As a result it was noticed that some vendors have no repair reimbursements and other vendors have repair reimbursements that seem excessive. In the case of a vendor with no repair reimbursement there is a concern that the vendor is either paying for repairs out of their sales or are not repairing broken equipment. In the case where repair costs are excessive the circumstances should be investigated. Weather, break-ins or vandalism can affect the repair cost. It was recommended that vendors be more conscious of the amount being spent. Region 4 has the highest repair bills and one repairman seems to be charging more than others. It was suggested that vendors learn to do small repairs and try to combine several repairs on one visit. Vendors could also get together and combine repairs at several locations on one trip. We will be offering a seminar on simple vending repairs at the Biennial. Other suggestions were to establish a standardized amount for repairs or time table. The agency does not want to control what repairman a vendor uses, but recommends that a vendor be aware of repair costs. Vendors should question charges that seem high and combine visits. In many instances the repairman or other vendors can talk an operator through a simple repair over the phone at no charge.

Monitoring Report  Lawrence Batterton

Thirty-seven monitorings have been done this calendar year. Vendors with several findings on a previous monitoring are being revisited. One area of concern is sales tax reporting. Some vendors are reporting vending sales tax on the wrong line and are paying an inaccurate rate. Another area of concern is the reporting of payroll taxes. Some vendors are making errors and may need the assistance of an accountant. Tom Spiliotis recommend using the FICA rate of 7.65 for payroll taxes and making it an automatic calculation on the monthly report.

Compliance Officer Update  Alan Risk

We have been in contact with the Department of Agriculture in regard to the permits. Their legal department will be speaking with our legal department later this month. It is unlikely that anything will be finalized this year so vendors will have to pay for the permit.

There have been no new licensees since the March meeting. One trainee, Erica Ferrier will be finishing her OJT within the week and will be taking her licensure exam on Thursday. We have had four new licensees this year. Carla Sue Chambers is operating Facility 401, snack bar at the State Regional Service Center in Jacksonville on a Type II; Ron Light was awarded Facility 352, Cafeteria in the Broward County Government Center in Ft. Lauderdale in the last selection cycle on a Type I; Cecil Tesmer will start an extended OJT in Jacksonville and Pauline Bush is still waiting for an opportunity.

Sixteen applications were received for the January selection cycle. Nine applicants qualified and participated in the interview process. Seven opportunities were available and five were awarded.
Facility 590, Duval vending route and Facility 430, I-95 rest area at Port St. Lucie were not awarded. Cecil Tesmer was the next qualified applicant for Facility 590 and he will work with the current operators, Bill Perret and George Colson on an extended OJT. If this goes well he will be signed into the facility in July.

In the May selection cycle there will be six opportunities; 3 rest areas, cafeterias in Orlando and Tallahassee and the Orlando vending route. Tom Spiliotis expressed concern about operators that apply for facilities that they have no intention of accepting. He is concerned that this may prevent other applicants from being offered an interview.

To date thirty vendors have not completed their CEU requirement. The deadline for completing this requirement is August 9, 2013. The CEU requirement is in rule in the Florida Administrative Code with the purpose of helping vendors to be better business operators. There was a discussion about how we will handle the operators who do not complete the requirement by the deadline date. The committee was strongly opposed to any extensions and they feel that the vendors have had ample time to complete the requirement. Maureen suggested that the agency send out a letter sixty days prior to the deadline date warning the vendors that their LOFA will be cancelled if they do not fulfill the requirement by August 9, 2013. If a vendor loses their facility for not fulfilling this requirement they can go through the grievance process.

One grievance has been filed since the March 2013 meeting and one Arbitration ruling is still under appeal. During the January 2013 selection cycle, the complainant was determined to be ineligible for performance points from his role as manager in the Daytona Beach training facility snack bar. This was determined because the complainant was not under a LOFA and is an employee of DBS. The complainant disagreed with the decision and asked for a grievance board review. The grievance was delayed until after the March Committee of Vendors meeting to allow the committee to weigh in on the matter. Based on advice from the agencys legal department a grievance hearing was scheduled on April 12, 2013. The grievance board voted unanimously that the agency had acted correctly in not awarding performance points. The board voted unanimously that the five year rule for retraining should be waived in lieu of the claimants current position. The board also recommended that the agency consider a method of accruing points if they require that the position of Snack Bar training manager be filled by a licensed vendor.

The committee briefly discussed the decision of the grievance panel. Tom Spiliotis questioned why the Daytona Beach snack bar needed to be operated by a licensed vendor. If the current snack bar manager wishes to pursue a career as a BBE manager, he can apply for available facilities and accrue performance points once he is under a LOFA.

Recyclers and Bill Validators  Dennis Horn

Dennis Horn spoke briefly about the attributes of the BN 2700 NEI validators. Dennis said that it was a reliable piece of equipment and a recycler can be added.

Marketing and Site Development Updates  Don Meloy

Machines will be installed in the Citizens Insurance locations in Tallahassee within the next couple of weeks. This will be followed by the Jacksonville and Tampa locations.

Specifications for vending and dining at the Florida National Guard at Camp Blanding will be out in August. Tom Spiliotis said that we have been in Camp Blanding previously and recommended that we pursue vending only. So far there has been no success in pursuing opportunities at military bases such as MacDill or Homestead and we also been unsuccessful at Seminole State College and Indian State College.

We continue to pursue opportunities with the VA. We expect to be installing machines at the facility in Orlando in April 2014. Currently we are waiting on the details but are optimistic. We have been offered a location in the facility at Cape Coral near the surgery waiting area. We are also looking at opportunities at VA locations in Lake City, Gainesville and Bay Pines. Don continues to pursue opportunities with Goodwill and the Border Patrol. He and Alan Risk recently met with the commissioner in Marion County concerning the Marion County Courthouse.

There was a brief discussion about marketing the BBE to potential locations. Tom Spiliotis suggested signs on the vending machines and Kathy Warth recommended making public service announcements that we could broadcast throughout the state.

Biennial Seminar  Janet Chernoff

The Seminar is scheduled for August 9  11, 2013 and information about registration and hotel accommodations is on the BBE website. About 45 vendors have already registered. At the March meeting it was suggested that a Saturday night banquet be included. The committee decided against the banquet but we still are planning for a vendor mixer on Friday night. It was confirmed that operators will be reimbursed for up to three nights at the hotel and that we would start with sessions Friday afternoon. We also wish to include a small trade show with vendors that would be educational.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 8:37 am by Committee Chairman Tom Spiliotis. Vice Chairman John Klindtworth called the role.

During Bill Findleys report on the BBE budget on Friday, Dennis Horn had questioned if the committee had ever voted on ice cream machines for rest areas and was told that this had been decided at a previous meeting. On Saturday morning, Dennis Horn reported that he had checked the minutes from the previous meetings and no vote had been held regarding the purchase of ice cream machines for interstate locations. He expressed concern that a vote was not taken. Alan Risk looked at the minutes for the previous meetings and confirmed that although it was discussed it was never voted on. Tom Spiliotis said that this was an oversight and had not been done intentionally. Bill Findley said that although the vote was not taken the subject of the purchase of ice cream machines for interstate vending originated with the vendors and a consensus had been reached at the December meeting. At the time the one issue that was not clear was how this project would be administered.

Maureen reported that 28-30 machines will need to be purchased. The policy previously had been that the agency purchased ice cream machines for vending routes when required but not for interstate vending. John Klindtworth, Mike Renaud and Gyorke Alger all confirmed that ice cream machines would be a good investment for the program. Gyorke moved that the agency should purchase ice cream machines for interstate locations if the existing machine is at least 10 years old or where there is no machine or a commission machine. Mike Renaud seconded the motion and then withdrew the second. Gyorke amended the motion to include the wording when the need is demonstrated. Seconded by Dennis Horn and passed without objection.

Alan Risk reported that the LOFA indicated that the purchase of equipment is solely at the discretion of the licensor. Although the vote on the ice cream machine was technically not necessary, the agency and committee work as a team and the agency wants the committees input on changes in policy especially when a significant outlay of funds is required.

Geographic Lines for Miami Routes (Region 6)  Maureen Fink

Hialeah Route  Northern Boundary  Broward County Line; Southern Boundary  SR 112
Downtown Route  Northern Boundary  SR 112; Western Boundary 1-95
West Miami Route  Northern Boundary  SR 112/36th Street; Southern Boundary SW 72nd Avenue; Eastern Boundary 1-95
Southern Route-Northern Boundary  SW 72nd Avenue

The proposed boundaries will not affect any existing facilities. When new locations are added they will be added to the routes as designated by these boundaries. Jesus asked whether new locations should be added to existing facilities rather than creating new routes. Tom expressed concern about attaching off site locations to stand alone facilities that would require the operator to invest in a vehicle.
Joel Rose made the motion to accept the boundaries as recommended. Seconded by Gyorke Alger.
Motion passed 7  1. The District 7 Representative was not present when the vote was taken.

Regional/District Updates

Region 3  Greg Coon

Greg had previously report on the Kennedy Space Center, but wanted to share the news that the sales at Facility 466, snack bar operated by Aruna Kapadia are up 90% since the closing of the cafeteria. He also reported that Mitzi Tyler is taking over the newly combined Facility 497, KSC vending route this week. Improvements have been made in the Orlando Cafeteria, Facility 378. Greg also has added locations to Orlando and Daytona Vending routes.

We are planning to install a micro market at the newly built Federal Courthouse. The courthouse is expected to have 900 employees. There was a brief discussion about these markets as an alternative to vending only or over-the-counter food service. The micro market is essentially a walk-in vending machine with self-service scanning and payment and needs to be in a secure building. Alan Risk and Bernie Kaiserian will have an opportunity to see a micro market when they attend the BLAST meeting later in May.

District 5  Dennis Horn and District 6  Brian McKenney

Both had nothing to add to Gregs report

Region 4  Tony Arduengo

The Hillsborough County Law Library has been added to Facility 124, vending at the Hillsborough County Courthouse. A DCF office has been added to Facility 555, Bradenton Vending Route. Tony is looking for additional locations for this route as the post office at Manasota will be closing in February of 2014. The police athletic league location and the public safety facility have been added to Facility 500, vending route operated by Woody Matthews. Will Grignon will be signing into Facility 180, Ft. Myers Vending Route next week. Tony recommended adding Facility 594, Punta Gorda Weigh Station to Facility 180. Maureen suggested waiting until the current operator is settled and then do a conference call with committee members. The VA location at Cape Coral will also be added to Facility 180. Facility 481, rest area at Alligator Alley will close in July for renovations that are expected to take about 9 months. Tony will be scheduling a Crane training for the first week in June. He will be doing trainings in Tampa and Ft. Myers.

District 7  Charles Hackney

Charlie had nothing to add to Tonys report.

District 8  Gyorke Alger

Gyorke commented that the repopulation of the Grizzle Building should help the operator of Facility 500.

Region 1  John Ahler

The agency was informed that the private company operated by Jeff Sharkey had decided to leave the facilities located in the Capitol and Revenue Buildings at the end of June. John Ahler, Maureen Fink and Bill Findley met with Dr. Sharkey on March 28th to discuss the transition. At that meeting they were informed that Dr. Sharkey was undecided whether he wanted to leave these facilities. We are still waiting to hear his decision. The contract is up next year and we plan to take over the locations at that time if not sooner. The Revenue building has estimated sales of $330,000 per year. The business at the Capitol tends to seasonal but we believe that it has potential.

Two operators, Kim Morris and Lacy Corker are using the Square which utilizes an iPhone or IPad to take credit cards. There is a charge of 2.75% per transaction. This amount is subtracted from each transaction and the balance is deposited directly into the vendors bank account. There are no other fees besides the cost of the device and cell service. Those costs will vary dependent on the individuals needs. Maureen is looking into this for the snack bar at the Daytona Beach Rehab Center.

John will be doing a Type II for the Citizens Insurance location within the next couple of weeks. Citizens Insurance has four locations in Tallahassee; two on the east side and two on the west side, and has requested one operator to do all four locations. Mike Renaud asked what would happen when we need to separate the locations. John indicated that we want to establish a presence at Citizens and can talk to them after we have information on the sales potential at these locations.

In regard to new locations, we still have not heard anything concerning vending at NAS Pensacola and we have had to involve legal with the vending at the Winewood building in Tallahassee. The private company, Quality that was contracted by Visinity has refused to give up the location.

District 1

No representative at the meeting.

District 2  Mike Renaud, Alternate

Mike has nothing further to add.

Region 5  Jim Carper

Ron Light signed into the Broward County Government Center cafeteria in Ft. Lauderdale on April 12 and is doing well. Equipment will be moved out of two of the four break rooms at Facility 514 operated by David Kaplan on May 17, but there is no final date for closure. Parks and Recreation in the City of Royal Palm Beach is interested in vending at their locations and Jim will be following up next week. The FBI building in Miramar is slated to open in September 2014. This is a secured building with a secured parking facility. Our location will be located near the atrium that staff will have to walk by to enter the building.

The three routes, 257, 501 and 547 have been organized along the geographic lines approved by the committee at the March meeting. Jim Perry, Facility 257 has a 50% increase in sales and his expenses have dropped. Joel Rose, Facility 501 has seen a 100% increase in sales. Alicia Villeda, Facility 547 has doubled her sales. Don Gerschick who operates Facility 469, snack bar in the Palm Beach County Courthouse has also seen a 9.8% increase in sales.

District 9  Joel Rose

Joels goal is to have his route have the highest sales in the state.

Kathy Warth asked about the geographic lines in Region 5. All three managers in Region 5 agreed to the reorganization and it was also voted on by the committee. Kathy asked about locations on the Hillsborough route. We cannot take locations from a route while it is under a LOFA. If the operator leaves we can look at the route and see if we want to make any changes. When a route is organized under geographic lines we can include locations accordingly. Jim Warth asked about the status of a location he has previously suggested, MacDill training center. Tony Arduengo and Don Meloy were unaware of this location. Tom recommended that vendors should advise their consultant and Don Meloy about any potential locations.

Region 6  Maureen Fink

Facility 227, Revitoco snack bar was closed this week. Jennifer Zavala has taken over Facility 600, Hialeah Vending route on a Type II. In October 2012 Jennifer had tripled the sales of the previous operator in her primary facility, Facility 512; Miami FCI. We will add a TSA location to Facility 597, Customs and Border which is currently being operated on a Type II by Lilian Pemberton.

District 10  Jesus Villeda

Jesus confirmed the closure of Facility 227 which was being operated on a Type II by Daniel Ochoa. The building management at Dade County Courthouse, Facility 15 is allowing Barbara Coleman to close the snack bar in the jury room on Fridays when the jury is not in session.

Region 2  Bernie Kaiserian

Jose Quintanilla agreed to operate Facility 401, snack bar in the Jacksonville Service Center for the month of March after the previous operator was removed. New Licensee, Carla Sue Chambers did an extended OJT with Jose and then took over the facility on a Type II in April. Carla has a grand reopening scheduled for May 7th at her facility. She is planning to offer a $1 hot dog special, free samples and giveaways. Cecil Tesmer will start an extended OJT with Bill Perret and George Colson later in May. If all goes well he will be signed into Facility 590 in July. The FWC and Department of Agriculture have been added to Facility 525, Gainesville Vending route. Facility 504, Gainesville rest area will be on the May selection cycle business opportunities.

District 3  Mark Turner, Alternate

Mark said the District Rep, Don Tuell requested that he ask about meter readings. Don was concerned that meter reading gives the impression that the consultants dont trust the operator. Bernie indicated that consultants are training managers on this tool to help them manage their business. Meter readings are typically used when the monthly reports indicate that there may be problem. However, the readings will be applied fairly so that it does not appear that anyone is being singled out. John Ahler said that consultants are tasked with helping their operators to make their business more profitable and meter reading are a way to make sure sales figures are accurate. Joel Rose did meter readings in April and May and agreed that it was helpful way to make sure readings matched sales figures. Jim Warth also agreed that meter readings are a good tool and said that readings should also be done on locations with unassigned vending.

District 4  Bill Perret

Bill said that Cecil Tesmer will have a big job with Facility 590 and wishes him luck with his extended OJT.

Round Table Discussion  All Participants

Troy Arthur suggested that vendors be given CEU credit for attending Committee meetings. He felt that that would encourage vendors to be involved. Tom Spiliotis shared the opinion that vendors that are interested are already involved without any incentive.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00am.

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