July Conference Call

July 18, 2019 at 4:00p.m.

On Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 4pm the Committee of Vendors met via conference call to discuss the creation and implementation of the Tom Spiliotis award. In attendance were Jim Warth, Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman, Alton Palmore. Representing the Districts were Georgia Kellogg, District 1; Mike Renaud, District 2; Terri Lindstrom, District 3; Darryl Brinton, District 4; David Stevens, District 5; Sead Bekric, District 7; Joel Rose, District 9 and Lilian Pemberton, District 10. District 6 and 8 were not represented. Also in attendance were Mike McCrea, District 3 Alternate and David Kaplan, District 9 Alternate. Janet Chernoff, Administrative Services Consultant represented the Division and took the minutes.   

Joel Rose is recommending that the Committee give an award in honor of Tom Spiliotis and has recommended that it be named the Tom Spiliotis Humanitarian Award. He suggested that each district submit a nominee and then allow the agency to select the recipient. He further recommended that Nancy Spiliotis be invited to present the award at the upcoming Biennial Seminar. Sead Bekric asked if this award had been given previously. There was discussion of the previous awards given by the Committee Chairman. Mike Renaud asked about who could be nominated for the award. The Chairman and Vice Chairman suggested either a vendor or staff member could be nominated and that the selection should be done in consultation with the Bureau Chief. There was also discussion about including a vendor’s family member or staff in the group. Joel Rose wanted the award to be recommended by the entire committee. In the past the Committee Chairman has selected a recipient of a Chairman’s award. Both Sead Bekric and Mike Renaud recommended that the award be selected as it has in the past. Mike Renaud felt that it was too late to involve the district and committee members in the selection and develop criteria for selecting the recipient. He also recommended that this could be addressed after the upcoming seminar. Sead recommended that the Chairman and Vice Chairman make the decision in conjunction with the agency. He suggested that the Chairman could reach out to District Representatives for suggestions if needed.

Mike Renaud made a motion to rename the Chairman’s award to the Tom Spiliotis Award. Seconded by Joel Rose. Passed by all members present. Lilian confirmed that District Representatives could send recommendations to the Chairman. Representatives can give suggestions to the Chairman and Vice Chairman and they will make a decision in conjunction with the agency.  Adjourned at 4:24pm.

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