Quarterly Meeting of the State Committee of Vendors

Friday March 31, 2023

Chairman, James Warth Called the meeting to order at 8:15 AM. Vice Chairman, Terri Lindstrom called the roll.

The following individuals were present: 
James Warth, Chairman; Terri Lindstrom, Vice-Chair

District Representatives: Kurt Ponchak, District 1; Mike Renaud, District 2 Alternate; Marylynn Giles-Robinson, District 3; Randall Crosby, District 4; David Stevens, District 5; Phil Hubbard, District 6; T.J. McCormick, District 7; Sead Bekric, District 8; Orlando Ramirez, District 9; Antonio Gonzalez, District 10 Alternate.

Bureau of Business Enterprise Staff: Bill Findley Bureau Chief; Maureen Fink, Operations Manager; Alan Risk, Compliance Officer; John Ahler, Business Analyst; Greg Coon, Marketing and Site Development Manager; Brian Ashworth, Region 1 Business Consultant; Bernie Kaiserian, Region 2 Business Consultant; Jay Payne, Region 3 Business Consultant; Tony Arduengo, Region 4 Business Consultant; Sharon Jadoo, Region 6 Consultant; Mary Ellen Harding, Administrative Services Consultant; Steve Moss, BEP Instructor; Anita Clas-Rodriguez, Senior Rehabilitation Specialist; Tina Fearnley, Vending Specialist; Elgaard, Vending Specialist.

Licensed Vendors: Jason Carpenter, Operator; Patrick Martin, Operator, Sophia Faldonie, Licensed Vendor; Mike McCrea, Licensed Vendor; Kash Ahmed, Licensed Vendor.

Division of Blind Services: Robert L. Doyle, Director

Visitors:  David Coe, Trainee; Sean McGill, Trainee; Moses LaQuarn, Trainee; Richard Ruzicka, Trainee; Patrick Martin, Licensed Operator, Jason Carpenter, Licensed Operator; Paulette William, Licensed Operator, Patrick Carty.

Kurt Ponchak made a motion to accept the agenda without objection. Seconded by Phil Hubbard.

Motion to adopt minutes from December 2022 Committee Meeting made by Kurt Ponchak. Adopted unanimously. Seconded by Sead Bekric.  Accepted unanimously. 

BEP UpdatesWilliam Findley, Bureau Chief
Staff Updates:  Jay Payne and Tony Arduengo were recognized and thanked for 10 years of service with DBS. New employees are Tina Fearnley, Vending Specialist at the Rehab Center and Chamique Banks, Administrative Assistant II in Tallahassee. The Consultant position in Region 5 and OPS Consultant position in Tallahassee remain vacant. 

The Roadshow was resumed, for the first time in four years, this past September. The numbers were down but Orlando and Tampa meetings were held immediately following Hurricane Ian. 59 operators attended from those areas. Overall the attendance numbers were good. 

Legal issues:  There is an open active arbitration in Washington DC. We are trying to work with Eglin AFB to give us more access to machines without taking legal action. They communicated this week that they would allow us to look at more secure areas. AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service) places arbitrary limitations on us such as adding the word civilian employees to the regulation. In communication with Terry Smith, he disclosed that NABM (National Association of Blind Merchants) is planning to sue AAFES and the DOD (Department of Defense) for restricting and limiting Randolph Sheppard locations. Lauren McClarney has been secured by NABM (National Association of Blind Merchants) to pursue legal action. NABM has also hired an expert attorney as a consultant to work with Lauren McClarney at a rate of $1,100 per hour for a maximum of 6 to 10 hours. DOD has not allowed us access to visit locations within the State. The Department of Disability Determination within the State has not allowed us access to visit locations so we will press harder for access. 

Possible training adjustments:  The SLA would like the Committee’s help with developing a plan to consider requiring individuals with experience who have not gone through our training program to get limited training with the requirement to take a food service location for 1 to 2 years for their first location. Lindstrom says this approach would be better than having a 3rd party in food service locations. BEP may soon have three 3rd party operators in locations. We are in grave danger of losing facilities in the next year or so. This is about saving locations. Finding food service vendors has been difficult. Micro markets have replaced some food service locations. Region 1 has more micro markets than other regions. The lack of food service operators could cause us to lose county locations as most county locations prefer food service and are not receptive to micro markets. Blount Island was given back to the Marines however Leroy Roberts requested the opportunity to provide food service there. He has been very successful with the Blount Island location making online ordering available and has some other ideas in the works. Broward Government Center may not ever be viable and we have no vendor for Kennedy Space Center. The SLA is not interested in making things easy but is also not for making things difficult, which in turn makes it difficult for us. The SLA would like to revisit allowing individuals from other states who have solid, confirmed credentials to go through limited training with the requirement that they will have to accept an over-the-counter food service location as their first facility for up to two years. The Chair ask the Training, Retraining and Upward Mobility Subcommittee to review options and make recommendations to the Committee and SLA. 

Currently we are working through an agreement with Palm Beach County Courthouse for rent at 3.5% of sales. We have not yet received that completed amendment to our current agreement. Ryan Akeley is considering taking over KSC but will not leave WPB Courthouse without an operator. Orlando Ramirez says he will take Palm Beach County Courthouse if Akeley leaves. 

The FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) agreement with language we want is making its way through our signing process. It has not been determined who pays for cameras at the rest areas. We have agreed that any ongoing fees would be paid for by the vendors. We need to inquire about contracts the State may already have for camera systems to ascertain if they will work for rest areas. There will be different needs at different facilities for camera systems. We have security cameras at Daytona Beach. Eric Hance would be a good resource for evaluating camera systems.

LOFA agreements for rest areas with coffee machines:  Some locations have no plumbing and some locations have water issues that cause problems with the machines. The opportunity to make a living should be maximized and we should not pull back on machines because they are more difficult to maintain. Excessive duplication of products in the machines should be avoided. Ponchak and Bekric would like to have a 1-hour continuing education event on Ice cream machines. One way to maximize a coffee machine is to make sure it is clean. Excessive duplication means vendors are not always looking for new/better products. Water machines can have multiple types of water. We may need to determine what “typical vending fair” is. At a previous Committee Meeting it was agreed that the consultant, operator, and operations manager should be consulted before removing or adding any machines. 

Budget ReportKurt Ponchak and Bill Findley
Findley:  The budget looks good. There is a lot of Set Aside spending authority left. Reasons for the current abundance of Set Aside area:  during the pandemic there was less need for repairs,and because there are now fewer food service operations there is less expenditure for repairs. From July 1, 2022, until today reimbursements are $119K. The year before they were $115K, and the year before that they were $125K but before the pandemic they were $240K. As of March 1st, $493K was in our Bank of America account. We will have more cash at the end of the year than spending.

Ponchak:  The Finance and Budget Subcommittee are working with Maureen on a decision tool to determine how facility changes such as adding and removing locations from facilities are made so when decisions come to the committee they will be informed. In the future a lot of staff people in this room will be leaving and we will lose institutional knowledge. We are working on a document which will be brought back to the Committee using the Type II list.

Type II Update - Maureen Fink
Currently there are 25 facilities under a Type II. Some facilities are still being studied to determine viability. We do not have enough data on some facilities to add them to the May selection cycle such as micro markets in Tallahassee. We may be able to include them in the September selection cycle when we have better data. There may be three rest areas on the May selection cycle:  425, Rest Area I-10 Columbia County Westbound; 430, Rest Area I-95 St Lucie County Northbound; and 433, Rest Area I-275 Pinellas County North end Skyway Bridge. The Miami prison facility is still closed. We are trying another venue of communication to get it open. The Panama City route is growing.  

Sead Bekric:
24-hour Pizza maker. Mirco Gubellini with Self Pizza in 24 Hours gave a presentation about his pizza machines. The company is based out of Italy. The machine can make a pizza in 3 minutes at a price of $6.99. It will fit through a standard 3.0 door. He has one machine ready to place. Electrical is 110 and has a 42” screen. There is a one-year warranty on the machine and parts are available in Miami if needed for repairs. He is currently looking for locations near Miami for distribution. The machine needs to be refilled every 3 days, holds 84 pizzas, and produces a 10” pizza in a box. The shelf life of pizzas is approximately one week.

Sead Bekric gave a report on coffee machines. Truckers buy coffee, Danish and orange juice. It is important to offer approximately 3-4 flavors in the coffee machines to avoid problems with the machine. Each time the machine is opened it should be cleaned and maintained, which takes about 10 minutes. He turned the bowl rinse off automatic to manual and runs the rinse each time he opens the machine which avoids some problems with the machine. His hot drink center does better than the Pepsi machine. Folgers Columbia coffee is more popular than other brands. Coffee machines are not for every operator and should be looked at on a case-by-case basis. 

Randolph Sheppard Vendors of Florida:  Randall Crosby
No update.

Chairman’s Updates, Projects, and Concerns:  Jim Warth
We need to be aware of one another and stay in contact with one another because some vendors go through situations and need the support of our community. 

Accessibility Issues and Updates: Sead Bekric
Florida Rehab Council. Attended first meeting and had an opportunity to talk about BEP. Some OJT trainees do not have the equipment they need to complete training. Director Doyle agreed to look into providing equipment needed for training to each of the consultants and an extra set for Maureen. The request list to Director Doyle suggested a laptop computer with Jaws or magnifying software for the visually impaired, notetaking or similar device, also a digital recorder and a currency identifier. Bridget will be ordering the devices to be made available in each region.  

Accessibility for written documents would make reviewing documents easier for visually impaired individuals. DocuSign documents would be a good way to review and sign documents. The FRCB (Florida Rehab Council for the Blind) meets quarterly in various places around the state. You can attend virtually or in person. The last meeting was in Ft. Lauderdale, the next meeting is in Lakeland.

3 Square has added Colton Knight as a tester for accessibility. For the first time he can independently use his screen reader to change prices and labels in his micro market. He will be working closely with them in that area.   

There is an app, Zuzanka, for iPhone operating systems that will tell you the expiration date of any product. 

Handwritten forms by repairmen are hard to read. Bekric has created a form for repairmen to use to email invoices to the vendor with machine number and other information from the machine. The form would not replace the reimbursement form. Alan Risk read the sample form out loud to the Committee. This would be an invoice form. The Policies and Procedures Subcommittee will work on the form Sead presented. 

Can we talk with USI about training for the devices in the contract? Training is in the contract and they have people throughout the state who can provide training.

Training and Candidate Update:  Mary Ellen Harding
There are 4 people in training:  David Coe, Sean McGill, Moses LaQuarn, and Richard Ruzicka. 
Currently there are two people who have been referred to the Rehab Center for training in June and 5 other candidates in the application process for the June class.

Training Staff Update:  Steve Moss
4 staff members – came to the meeting.  Tina Fearnley is our new staff member who is working with Angela in the snack bar. Tina introduced herself and expressed her pleasure with joining the program. Currently there are 4 trainees.  David Coe from West Palm Beach, Ricky Ruzika from Tallahassee, Shawn McGill from Gainesville, and LaQuarn Moses from Zephyrhills. Advice was given from Committee members to candidates on how to be successful in the program. 

Marketing and Site Development:  Greg Coon


Security and Safety Awareness:  Angela Ormerod, Capitol Police, Florida Department of Enforcement (FDLE)
Officer Angela spoke to the Committee about personal safety and how to avoid crime. She talked about the victimization triangle, risks to personal safety, street safety tips, hotel safety tips, traveling, ATMs, and vending machines. Operators were instructed in how to take a stance as a defensive action.

Subcommittee Reports and Discussion:
Coke and Pepsi Pricing Exploration Group – Cardinal Beveraging will distribute items Coke can’t/won’t distribute. 

Training, Retraining & Upward Mobility:  Jose Quintanilla
Real nice things are planned for the Biennial. We decided the seminar should be informational, beneficial, educational, and enjoyable. We invited Mr. Tom Sullivan because in addition to being a well-known speaker he is visually impaired. We also have a speaker on personal safety scheduled. The tradeshow will also be informative. One of our tradeshow people will be bringing guide dog puppies.  We wanted to have a banquet to allow vendors to get together in a more relaxed atmosphere. It appears we will be well under the $35K budget request. A speaker coming from Tallahassee, Gabrielle Gabrielli, will work with us on team building. Registration will be from 3-5PM. The ServeSafe test will be on Thursday 3-5PM and a Committee Meeting @ 5PM. We will meet all day on Friday and Saturday. Nominations for officers will be Friday morning at the opening of the seminar. Meet the Candidates will be on Friday evening. Anyone interested in donating a giveaway item for the seminar should speak to any Committee member. On Thursday night there will be a meet and greet on the 2nd floor balcony for new vendors. 

Sead Bekric introduced Patrick Carty (Naples) who is scheduled for training in June. 

Business Analyst Report:  John Ahler
Total sales for the state fiscal year July 1, 2022 – Feb 2023 are $14,999.79 compared to the previous period $13,248.00. Set Aside collected for this year is $365,806 the previous period was $323K. Net profit to vendors for 2021-22 was $5.3 million. This period we are at $6.1 million. It is trending in the right direction. We will be looking at insurance requirements making sure vendors have the required insurance for facilities. Many locations may not need workman’s comp but carry it as a protective measure. With a lot of our contracts (i.e., FDOT), it is a requirement to E-verify employees. Make sure workers are legal to work in the United States. Each facility may have different insurance requirements. 

Cantaloupe – We will be focusing on readers in our system that have issues. Individual emails will be sent to vendors who have a reader with a copy to the consultants.  A health report from this morning shows121 readers haven’t called in for 3 days. 154 readers that haven’t had credit transactions in 20 days.190 readers that haven’t had a cash transaction in 20 days. There are many reasons why this may happen but we believe there are a lot of readers that are not being used and should be returned to BEP or turned off so the operator is not being charged $5.95 per month for each reader. Alan is working on a new service agreement with Cantaloupe. No changes are expected and it should be a 3-year agreement. 

Compliance Officer Report:  Alan Risk
8 reports are still out. 
CEU Report – 75% of vendors are on pace to meet the CEU requirements, 25% are not.  Emails were sent out this week to operators with a plan on how to achieve the CEU’s needed.

Sead Bekric explained – Freedom Scientific or Vispero Group offer JAWS and Zoom Text certification online. It takes about 10 hours of online classes and an online test taking about an hour to get JAWS or Zoom Text certified. This should help vendors be more productive in their businesses and could be completed for CEU credit.

There were no new licensees since the December meeting. The 1st licensure test for 2023 will occur on Tuesday, April 4th.

Four facilities were advertised for the January Selection Cycle including 2 rest areas, 1 micro market and 1 cafeteria. 20 vendors submitted applications, two withdrew prior to the exam, two withdrew the morning of the exam, 1 did not show up for the exam. 15 vendors took the exam with an average score of 31. Following the exam 14 applicants were extended an invitation to interview, 6 applicants declined, 8 applicants interviewed for the 3 facilities on March 6th and 7th.  No one applied for the cafeteria facility. Based on cumulative scoring the Selection Panel recommended Mitzi Bowen for the Marion County rest area, Mike McCrea for the Martin County rest area, and Patrick Martin for the Tallahassee micro market. The May Selection Cycle will be posted on May 15th and there should be 3 rest areas I-10 Wellborne, I-95 Ft. Pierce, and the Skyway Bridge up for bidding. The test will be on June 14th and interviews will be sometime after July 4th.

Grievance Report – There was one request for a grievance hearing. On March 20th the complainant requested a grievance hearing regarding the awarding of a Type II LOFA. The complainant felt they should have been awarded the facility and is requesting the grievance panel to overturn the decision and award the facility to another operator. The grievance hearing is scheduled for Tuesday April 4th. 

ITB and RFP Results – ITB ended the end of December. 3 went to cantaloupe and one to Parlevel. Only one company, USI, bid on the RFP and was awarded a total of 12 machines. They have a service technician in Florida who will do workshops on their machines. 

Alternate Grievance Board Member Elections – Kurt Ponchak, Moderator; Terri Lindstrom; and David Stevens are regular members. Three vacant alternate positions need to be elected. Three names were suggested and have agreed to serve. Ponchak moved by unanimous consent to accept Jose Quintanilla, Alton Palmore, and Lillian Pemberton as alternates to the Grievance Panel and to move alternates into permanent positions as permanent members rotate off. Phil Hubbard nominated TJ McCormick as an alternate. Motion was made to close nominations by Kurt Ponchak and seconded by Phil Hubbard. 

Vote for T.J. McCormick: 11-1
Kurt Ponchak - no
Mike Renaud - yes
Marylynn Giles-Robinson - yes
Randall Crosby - yes
David Stevens – yes
Sead Bekric - yes
Phil Hubbard - yes
TJ McCormick - yes
Antonio Gonzalez - yes
Orlando Ramirez - yes
Jim Warth - yes
Terri Lindstrom - yes

Vote for Alton Palmore: 10-2
Kurt Ponchak - yes
Mike Renaud - no
Marylynn Giles-Robinson - no
Randall Crosby - yes
David Stevens - yes
Phil Hubbard - yes
Orlando Ramirez - yes
TJ McCormick - yes
Antonio Gonzales - yes
Sead Bekric – yes
Jim Warth – yes
Terri Lindstrom - yes

Vote for Lillian Pemberton: 12-0
Kurt Ponchak - yes
Mike Renaud - yes
Marylynn Giles-Robinson - yes
Randall Crosby yes
David Stevens - yes
Phil Hubbard – yes
TJ McCormick - yes
Orlando Ramirez – yes
Sead Bekric – yes
Antonio Gonzales – yes
Jim Warth – yes
Terri Lindstrom - yes

Jose Quintanilla: 12-0
Kurt Ponchak - yes
Mike Renaud - yes
Marylynn Giles-Robinson - yes
Randall Crosby yes
David Stevens - yes
Phil Hubbard – yes
TJ McCormick - yes
Orlando Ramirez – yes
Sead Bekric – yes
Antonio Gonzales – yes
Jim Warth – yes
Terri Lindstrom - yes

Region and District Updates

Region 3:  Jay Payne
Facility 624 - East Orlando Vending Route installed 12 machines. Facility 478 - Rest Area I-75 Marion County Northbound is scheduled to close in August or September. Facility 460 - Rest Area I-75 Sumter County Northbound is scheduled to open April 25th. Facility 479 - Rest Area I-75 Marion County Southbound was awarded to Mitzi Bowen and will changeover sometime in mid-April.  At Coleman prison we got a good point of contact to help facilitate changing out machines allowing David better access to the vending area. 

Districts 5 & 6:  David Stevens and Phil Hubbard
David Stevens - Coleman is working with David but more time is needed for repairs. He is given a 1-hour window to fill and work on machines. The new point of contact should help with better/more time to fill machines. 

Phil Hubbard - District members are doing ok.

Region 4:  Tony Arduengo
Facility 272 - Pasco-Hernando Vending Route we added the VA in New Port Richey, another anticipated VA in Zephyrhills is coming and one more at some point in Lecanto. Hopefully in a year or so this facility will come off the Type II list and be offered as a Type I. Additionally there are 3 more Post Offices being added to that route as well. Facility 634 - Polk County Vending Route we added the Peterson Building which looks like a pretty good location. Other future locations may be added with VA Bay Pines. Facility 161- West Tampa Vending Route will have Temple Terrace added. Facility 396 - East Tampa Vending Route Bed Tower should be open soon. There were some water issues that delayed the opening. 

Districts 7 & 8: T.J McCormick and Sead Bekric
TJ McCormick – Kathy Warth called everyone and said they are doing fine. Debbie Hietala said there needs to be more awareness of the training program at the Rehab Center and a lessening of the length of time for training.

Sead Bekric – Doing well. Sales are trending upward. One vendor resigned from his facility. We located a good repair person for our quadrant of the State who will be registering in MFMP and will be doing vending repairs for vendors. He used to have his own vending route and is very knowledgeable about most machines except for ice cream and coffee machines.

Region 5:  Maureen Fink
We sent a proposal to the West Palm Beach Courthouse regarding the rental situation but have not heard back from them at this time. We are having some major issues with Coke. We are going to try to get Tom Castillo to work on the problems. We have a couple of new locations going in at the Dickinson State Park in West Palm Beach and the Vista Center. 

District 9:  Orlando Ramirez
Congratulations to Mike McCrea on his new facility. Dana Ingram is looking to remove Coke from his facility. Everyone else is doing well.

Region 6:  Sharon Jadoo
Facility 512 - Miami FCI Class I and 2 opened. Raiza Miranda is working toward updating her micro market at Facility 588 - US Southern Command Doral. In the next week and half, we will be doing changeovers. 

District 10:  Antonio Gonzalez
Changeovers will be happening with Antonio Gonzalez, Guillermo Alvarez, and Raiza Miranda.

Region 1:  Brian Ashworth
William Daniel was in a coma but came out and has been transferred to a Rehab Facility. He can speak again. Facility 441- Larson Building Tallahassee was awarded as a Type II to Jason Carpenter on January 4th. Installed 2nd smart cooler at Facility 470 - Fort Knox Annex Building Tallahassee, sales are doing well.  Tallahassee FCI reopened Feb 18th with all machines we pulled all the old machines out and put in refurbed machines. We just received an email with an invitation to re-tour Eglin AFB after May 16th. Facility 532 - Marianna FCI Class I and II Marianna has approved us to go in with a more restrictive list of products which only allows clear liquids. Last week Cathy Graham at Facility 483 - Capital Circle Office Center-Vending Tallahassee, moved out of her old storage room and has two new storerooms now. The new FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) Complex will be going in. There are two new DCF (Department of Children and Families) installs in Panama City route, Facility 620. Good news for Shannon Shelton at Facility 579 - Rest Area I-10 Jackson County Eastbound I-10 East has reopened. Five operators have had fishing vandalism at their facilities. The technician was called to adjust the machines to keep fishing from occurring again. The glass was kicked in on one glass front machine and a keypad kicked in on another. Regarding micro market development in Tallahassee, we should be closing the Collins cafeteria on April 3rd and reopening it on May 8th. The Claude Pepper micro market should be opening in July, the Larson Building micro market should open in October and FDLE building should open in either January or February.

Districts 1 & 2:  Kurt Ponchak and Mike Renaud
Kurt Ponchak – All is good.

Mike Renaud – Micro market operators are asking for upgrades and refurbishment. 

Region 2:  Bernie Kaiserian
Patty Fulda lost her son last weekend. Mitzi Bowen will be leaving Facility 425 - Rest Area I-10 Columbia County Westbound for a facility in Ocala. Facility 564 - USMC Blount Island Jacksonville was awarded to Leroy Roberts (his first facility) and is averaging $900 a day. He has implemented online ordering through 3 Square and it is doing well - about 8 orders a day. He will take over the vending for that facility in the middle of April. Hugh Mansfield and his wife should be recognized at the next meeting as they have faithfully run the Blount Island facility for years. We have 5 machines at the FDOT maintenance headquarters in Lake City, Facility 608. We will be adding washers and dryers and one drink machine at the Stephen Foster Cultural Center State Park. Jim Gaudette, who took over Facility 397 - US Naval Air Station Jacksonville Building 797, where sales are up 43%. We are having a CEU event in Jacksonville with Pepsi on April 29th.

Districts 3 & 4:  Marylynn Giles Robinson and Randall Crosby
Marylynn Giles Robinson – Nothing to report.

Randall Crosby – Everything is good in district 4.  Stefan Mitchell and his wife have a new baby. 

April 1, 2023

Meeting Called to Order @ 8:30AM
Roll Call by Terri Lindstrom
Jim Warth
Terri Lindstrom
Kurt Ponchak 
Marylynn Giles-Robinson
Randall Crosby
David Stevens 
Phil Hubbard 
Kash Ahmed 
T.J. McCormick 
Bill Findley
Maureen Fink
Sead Bekric
Mike Renaud
Mary Ellen Harding
Alan Risk
John Ahler
Brian Ashworth
Sharon Jadoo
Antonio Gonzalez
Orlando Ramirez
Kash Ahmed
Mike McCrea

Ponchak at next meeting we will have technical changes to the bylaws to put forward to vendors at the Biennial Seminar. If you would like a copy of the bylaws contact Kurt Ponchak. This should be on the December committee meeting agenda. Comments from full committee members will be entertained. Will Grignon has done a yeoman’s job and has created a Word file which will be made available upon request. A review and vote on the changes should be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Budget, Finance and Auditing committee should work on a plan for maintenance/renovation and upkeep plan for all DBS facilities.

Round Table:
Bekric would like the Committee to consider the idea of holding Committee meetings in different areas of the State. Kurt Ponchak, Sead Bekric, Phil Hubbard, Orlando Ramirez and TJ McCormick will work on hotel locations for future Committee meetings. 

Bekric would like to have machines wrapped like ice cream machines are wrapped to prevent rust. It could be a good marketing tool. The cost to wrap machines is about $200. It would give a nice uniform look to all machines statwide. Ashworth has good graphics created for BEP which were used at vending enclosures. Approval would be needed for a graphic. The wrap could be generic i.e., red, white, and blue which would not require approval. DBS is using Moore Consulting to provide awareness for the program. Findley has a meeting with them next Tuesday. Ashworth will send Findley the graphics. 

The Lighthouse in the Ft. Lauderdale area is going to be filming at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office to showcase their work experience program.

Ponchak moved to adjourn, Seconded by Hubbard.

Adjourned @ 9:03 AM.


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