State Committee of Vendors Quarterly Meeting

Rosen Plaza, Orlando, FL

Thursday, August 3, 2023

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Committee Chair Jim Warth called the meeting to order. In the absence of Vice-Chair Terri Lindstrom, Mr. Warth asked Kurt Ponchak to take the roll.

Committee members present: Chairperson Jim Warth; District 1 Representative Kurt Ponchak; District 2 Representative Colton Knight; District 3 Representative Marylynn Giles-Robinson; District 4 Representative Randall Crosby; District 5 Representative David Stevens; District 6 Representative Phil Hubbard; District 7 Representative T.J. McCormick; District 8 Representative Sead Bekric; and District 9 Representative Orlando Ramirez.
District 10 was not represented.

SLA staff members present: Bill Findley, Alan Risk, Sharon Jadoo, and Alecia Baker

Guests included: District 1 Alternate Representative Alton Palmore; District 7 Alternate Representative Jose Quintanilla; District 9 Alternate Representative Ed Spence; BEP Vendors Jim Anderson, Jason Carpenter, and Patrick Martin; BEP new licensee Isreal Davila; BEP Trainees Patrick Carty, Eric Matthews, Christopher Barnes, and Carmella McKinney-George; Michael George; Patti Angel; Wendy Ramirez; Natasha Bekric; RSVA President Scott Eggen; and Alabama Committee Chair Michael Tally and wife.

Mr. Warth asked for a motion to approve the meeting agenda. Motion made by Mr. Ponchak, seconded by Mr. Knight.

Mr. Warth asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the June 2023 special committee meeting. Motion made by Mr. Ponchak, seconded by Mr. Knight. Upon discussion, Mr. Hubbard asked that the June 2023 vote to move Facilities 415, 416 and 624 from District 5 to District 6 be stricken from the record as it was discovered afterwards that these three facilities, along with Facility 586 were approved by the committee to be moved from District 5 to District 6 at the June 21, 2019, committee meeting. Mr. Ponchak stated that because a vote had taken place on this issue at the June special meeting, the vote could not be stricken but would require an amendment. Mr. Ponchak then made a motion for an amendment to strike the June 2023 vote on moving Facilities 415, 416 and 624 from District 5 to District 6. Seconded by Mr. Knight. Amendment adopted without objection.

Mr. Ponchak then made a motion to clarify the June 27, 2023, committee vote regarding the combining of Facilities 570 and 485. The original motion to combine the facilities under special conditions at the June meeting was changed prior to voting, but the revised motion was never seconded. The committee voted on the original motion instead of the intended revised motion. Mr. Ponchak made a new motion to combine Facilities 570 and 485 until the current operator leaves. At such time, continuation of the combining of these two facilities would be reevaluated by the committee. Mr. Ponchak also requested that the tracking of sales for Facility 570 be made via card reader roll-up reports in lieu of monthly reports. Upon further discussion, Mr. Ponchak asked that the request for tracking via roll-up reports be stricken and that the motion be only for combining Facilities 570 and 485 until such time the current operator leaves, and at that time the committee would reevaluate whether to continue the combination of these two facilities. Seconded by Mr. Knight. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Mr. Warth asked Mr. Findley if he would care to share anything with the committee. Mr. Findley expressed his appreciation to the committee and stated that even though they have had lively discussions and sometimes differing opinions, the objectives of the SLA and the Committee were the same, to benefit the BEP and its vendors. Mr. Findley shared that his efforts to open up new opportunities for BEP vendors have led to conflict with military exchanges, and though he fully supports the military, compliance with the Randolph-Sheppard Act might require legal action.
Mr. Findley concluded by asking that the committee work harder and better at getting along.

In conclusion, Mr. Warth stated that he considered it a pleasure to have served as Committee Chair. Mr. Bekric expressed his appreciation to the committee leadership for their work. Mr. Warth adjourned the meeting.

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