Facility Vacancy Announcement Information

Facility Number: 403

Region: 3

Committee District: 6

Type and Location: Snack Bar, Kennedy Space Center OSB-1, 3rd Floor Room 3116

Reported 7-Month Sales: $118,394 (May 2022 – November 2023)
Note: Facility reopened in May 2023.

Recommended Staffing: Operator plus two full-time employees.

Operational Hours: Current Hours: Mon. and Fri. 8 am – 1 pm; Tue. - Thur. 8 am – 2 pm.

Services & Products: Typical snack bar fare and vending machine fare

Vending Machines: 4 Drink and 3 Snack. Note:  All machines have card readers.

Accessibility: The vending machines that comprise this location are located on ADA compliant property. Public transportation and special community-based transportation are available for persons with disabilities to the KSC badging office only, unless badged.

Special Information or Requirements:

  1. Incoming operator must be able to pass a Level 2 background check.
  2. Incoming operator must have a Cantaloupe account, to receive cashless funds from vending machines.
  3. The incoming operator MUST also have reliable transportation to and from the facility of operation.
  4. The incoming operator MUST obtain their Serv-Safe Manager’s certification to run the facility and staff must have food handler’s certification as well.
  5. A HACCP plan for the facility must be in place and approved before the facility can open under new management.
  6. The operator should be willing to operate a square register to collect over-the-counter sales.

Business Enterprise Consultant: Jay Payne
Email:  jay.payne@dbs.fldoe.org                   Telephone: 386-456-8774

Committee District Representative: Phil Hubbard
Email: pwhubbard67@gmail.com                  Telephone: 386-456-8774

Availability Projection: Upon selection, the new operator will coordinate changeover date with Business Consultant.

Absolute Deadline: All applications for any or all of the posted business opportunities must be received by the Bureau of Business Enterprise in Tallahassee no later than Wednesday, January 31, 2024, without exception. A postmark is not considered as the receipt date. You will be notified by email once your application is received.

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