BARD Accessories and Purchased Players

Blank Cartridges

Blank digital cartridges (like those you receive from Talking Books) are available for purchase from a couple online vendors. NOTE: in order to connect a blank cartridge to your computer, you will need contact Talking Books to request a special USB cartridge cable.

USB Flash Drives

Flash drives can be purchased at any consumer electronics retail store (i.e. Best Buy, Radio Shack, Fred Meyer, Office Depot, Staples, etc).

Purchased Players

Several third party players have been authorized by the National Library Service to play BARD books. A purchased player must be registered through BARD before it can play BARD books.

Disclaimer: the list of authorized purchased players changes periodically, and some of these products may be discontinued by the manufacturer. The most current list of authorized purchased players can be found on BARD, and we apologize if any of these links do not connect to the intended device webpage.

One other thing to note, for all users of third party players, please keep a backup copy of the key the vendor sends on to you. If your player does need to be reset to factory defaults this will wipe out the key from the player’s memory and require a reinstallation of the key, in order for you materials to be read again on that player. This is much easier than having to go through the process of getting a new key made for you by the vendor.



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