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Summer 2018

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Hurricane Season Disaster Supply Kit

A disaster supply kit should have the basic emergency supply items you and your family would probably need during and after a disaster. Consider the following items when making your disaster supply kit:

A Special Note for Service Animals

If you have a guide dog or other service animal, please think about them during the emergency too. Packing food, water, and even toys for your service animal will help them “weather the storm” better. As mentioned above, it may help to inform your planned evacuation shelter that you have a service animal. These animals are in-tune with you and your feelings and chances are you are also very close to them as well. Planning will help you both stay calm, knowing you are prepared should a hurricane or other natural disaster situation arises.

Additional Hurricane Preparedness Resources

The government website suggests preparing your home as well and we would recommend you review their information for how to secure your property. For some more information on how to prepare for emergencies, please review the information on the following websites:

Notes from Your Reader Advisors

Everyone has a reader advisor, available by telephone and email, who is here to help ensure you are receiving the books you would like, when you would like them, at a good pace. If you have questions, call 1-800-226-6075 or email and your message will be routed right to the person who handles your account.

We have a few tips to help make contact and continued service as successful as possible:

Online Children and Teen Summer Reading Program

Join the Summer 2018 reading program from now through July 31st and read the absolute best books selected by other kids and teens! Our reading lists combine many exciting topics and the 2018-2019 Sunshine State and Florida Teens Read lists! This program is entirely online! Friends of Library Access, Inc. will provide prizes based upon the number of books read.

Go to our website at, go to the Braille and Talking Book Library page, and select the Summer Reading Program link. You can sign up and contact the librarian Maureen right from that page. For your convenience, here is the address:

Perfecting Your Catalog Search

When searching the catalog on our website, you sometimes get a lot more results than you bargain for. However, we have a few tips to make it easier to find what you are looking for:

Start on the WebOPAC website at

Finding Multiple Book Cartridges: Start from the beginning, use quick query and simply enter “MBC”.

Finally, if you cannot find a series or a book in a series, you can call your reader advisor and they will help you find your favorite series! They can also help you get started with a password if you have not searched the catalog before.

Fresh from the Recording Studio

New Books

All of these books are easily found in BARD, downloadable immediately. Call your reader advisor to find out how to get your account started, and be able to get books on all of your devices!

Bot Wars (DBC12730) by J.V. Kade. 7hrs. 30 mins. Narrator: Dave Archard. A boy searches for his missing military father in a futuristic world where a war wages between humans and robots. A Sunshine State Young Readers Award Winner. Bot Wars series, Book 1.

Shadow of a Spout (DBC12725) by Amanda Cooper. 11 hrs. 20 mins. Narrator: Margaret Tedrick. Sophie Taylor's grandmother Rose is suspected of murder when her prized antique teapot is declared fake and the appraiser is found dead. To save Rose, Sophie must find the real killer. Teapot Collector Mystery, Book 2.

Framed!: a T.O.A.S.T. mystery (DBC12732) by James Ponti. 5 hrs 20 mins. Narrator: Pam Masters. Florian has just moved to Washington, D.C. He's learning his way around using T.O.A.S.T., which stands for the Theory of All Small Things, a technique he invented to solve life's little mysteries. But when he teaches it to his new friend, Margaret, they uncover a mystery that isn't little. Not little at all, but part of a much bigger picture! A Sunshine State Young Readers Award Winner. T.O.A.S.T Mystery series, Book 1.

The Council of Mirrors (DBC12739) by Michael Buckley. 8 hrs. Narrator: Kathy Taylor. Hoping to save their family and the citizens of Ferryport Landing from the evil plans of Mirror, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm seek counsel from the other magic mirrors, who advise them to join forces with the Scarlet Hand. Sisters Grimm, Book 9.

Lassoing the Sun: A Year in America's National Parks (DBC12749) by Mark Woods. 12 hrs. 5 mins. Narrator: Tom Hart. As a kid, Mark Woods' parents would take him and his siblings to national parks. On the eve of his fiftieth birthday, he decides to take a yearlong trip through national parks, one a month, inviting his mom and family to some of the stops. A few months into the year Woods finds out his mother has been diagnosed with cancer and only has months to live. A Florida Book Award winner.

Recently Placed on BARD

These books were originally issued on cartridge only, and now are available on BARD! Please enjoy the DAFFODILS series (Divorced and Finally Free of Deceitful, Insensitive, Licentious Scum) - about Southern belles with attitudes and a knack for getting into trouble, set in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Also, catch up on the eapot Collector mystery series, as we now have the first book in BARD.

The Turtle Mound Murder (DBC12760) by Mary Clay. 6 hrs. 50 mins. Narrator: Abbie Jansen. Rebecca Leigh Stratton is divorced, depressed, and thoroughly disgusted. Thanks to her two-timing, asset-hiding, lawyer husband, Leigh faces the prospect of starting over at forty-six. Fortunately, her sassy, Southern sorority sisters, Penny Sue Parker and Ruthie Nichols, are old hands at divorce. The three single-again ladies take off for New Smyrna Beach, their college-days haunt. What they don't bargain for are old flames, fist fights, and gunfire. DAFFODILS mystery, Book 1.

Bike Week Blues (DBC12761) by Mary Clay. 7 hrs. Narrator: Abbie Jansen. Leigh is building a new, single life at the beach. Ruthie's in town for a spiritual seminar.  Flamboyant Penny Sue, hot on the trail of her latest soul mate, buys a Harley and follows him to Bike Week.  Bullets are flying, a body is found, and all clues point to Rich, Penny Sue's new love. Unfortunately, Rich has disappeared into the hubbub of a half million bikers, beer bashes, and coleslaw wrestling. DAFFODILS mystery, Book 2.

Murder is the Pits (DBC12762) by Mary Clay. 10 hrs. Narrator: Kathleen Ragan. The daffodils are back and so are the dead bodies, taser guns, mob bosses, and quirky lovers! Amidst unrelenting hurricanes, Ruthie, Leigh, and Penny Sue fight hot flashes, hot metal, cold stiffs, friendly spirits, and gun toting senior citizens.. DAFFODILS mystery, Book 3.

Murder in the Stacks (DBC12763) by Mary Clay. 8 hrs. 30 mins. Narrator: Kathleen Ragan. Whenever these three middle-aged sorority sisters get together, chaos is sure to descend on the quaint seaside town of New Smyrna Beach. With real estate/tourism money at stake and bets flying, you have the frenzy of a horse race and the ingredients for murder. DAFFODILS mystery, Book 4.

Tempest in a Teapot (DBC12724) by Amanda Cooper. 13 hrs. 5 mins. Narrator: Margaret Tedrick. When her fashionable Manhattan restaurant goes under, Sophie Taylor retreats to her grandmother's cozy tea shop. When a murder occurs on the eve of her friend Cissy’s bridal shower, Sophie must find the killer before more of the guest list becomes a hit list. Teapot Collector Mystery, Book 1.

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