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Florida Productions

Books we've recorded at the Braille and Talking Book Library here in Daytona. Browse this list of books that were recorded locally (here in Florida)--organized alphabetically by author. You may also browse our online catalog at flopac.klas.com. Select the link "Check out some of the books we’ve recorded here in Daytona” on the WebOPAC homepage to bring up this list. Happy reading!

2021 Summer Reading Program

The collaborative summer library program, "Tails and Tales" ran from June 28 through August 8, 2021. We are very proud of everyone who participated. We have preserved the Tails and Tales booklists here for your continued enjoyment. Select the age group you are interested in to see the entire summer reading list for that group. If you have a BARD account, you may download the titles from BARD. Or, you may log into our online catalog at flopac.klas.com and request books on cartridge. We hope you continue to enjoy browsing the Tails and Tales summer reading lists!


Play Multiple Books Easily

When you receive a cartridge with multiple books on it, you can access the books in one of two ways: The Easy Way and the Bookshelf Mode.

The Easy Way

  1. When you reach the very end of the book or initial instructions, press the green, rectangular Play button.
  2. The machine will say, “Press the Play button again to go on to the next book.” Go ahead and press the play button again, and the machine will start playing the next book.

Bookshelf Mode (Skipping over books, etc.)

  1. Insert the cartridge in the player and turn the power on by pressing the red, circular Power Button.
  2. Press and hold the green, rectangular Play button for about 3 seconds until the player beeps and says “Bookshelf” and announces the number of books on the cartridge.
  3. Tap the Rewind or Fast Forward button, located on each side of the green, rectangular Play button, to select the next book. The book title will be announced. To advance to the next title, just press the Fast Forward button again, or tap the rewind button again to go to the previous book.
  4. Once you get to the title you want to read, press the green, rectangular Play button. The player will exit Bookshelf Mode and start playing the selected title.

Get the Update

If your player will not sequentially play multiple book titles on a single cartridge without the need to enter Bookshelf mode, you may request an upgrade cartridge by asking your reading advisor for it. It is available for request on the WebOPAC as book number FDB03944 with the title DTBM Software Upgrade. The updated firmware is available for download on the NLS public website and the BARD main page. The NLS also included the firmware to the Magazines on Cartridge system for multiple-magazine subscribers. The firmware update will not be added to mass-duplicated, single title cartridges.

Installing the Update

Insert the cartridge or USB drive containing the firmware update. The player will announce it is upgrading your player’s software. Wait until the upgrade is complete and the player restarts (about 10 seconds) and then remove the cartridge.

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